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i jus got off da fone wit S.v were havin dis discussion if LDR(Long Distance Relationship)really last or nt-or rather SHE was havin a solitary discussion(if dere is nethng lyk dat!)cuz i was nt reli sayin nethng thruout.my last LDR was a big tym flop bt my current one seems 2 b goin gr8 guns(although its too early 2 say nethng).so i dun really noe wht i shud say on LDR's.she tinks its too early fer a girl of our age to get so commited 2 any1...cuz its seems,v r at a very vulnerable age n also a veri influencial one.v mite meet some one who is BETTER than wht v have..n thus,end up-oh oh,here it comes-CHEATING on ur current.
ok,so u end up cheating.bt wht if den also u STILL luv ur current?wht if after hookin up wit sum1 else u realise dat u always LUVED ur bf/gf??
wht im tryin 2 say is dat,its nt necessary 2 lose out on ur feelings jus becuz u cheated.
ok,so 90% dats wht happens..bt wht abt da other 10%??wht if u DUN lose out on da feelings??
i feel if u have da determination,patience,strength,communication and immense amt of love frm dat perticular person 2 make a LDR LAST.
its nt easy..its nt easy at all.
bt wht if u jus WANT 2 b wit dat person 4ever?
den u havta go thru it...jus fer him/her.
n u noe wht?wen u tink of da future tyms u WILL SURELY spend together wit him/her,it all seems worth da pain=)


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Not sure if anyone is "worth the pain," that seems to imply they might not be the right person. I've been of the opinion that the desire to cheat only exists where you aren't fully engaged with someone. Of course, in a long distance "relationship" the temptation will be higher, since you aren't really able to have a real relationship with them, so if you subconsciously believe that you still kind of think of yourself as a bit single and available. I'd argue that to be the actual case, unless there are plans within the next 18 months for you to to live in the same town, go to the same college, etc.

Also, I'm not certain I can read too many of your posts with all of the missing vowels and such. Now, if they are missing because you are a non-native English speaker, then I'll push through. If that is some IM-based affectation, I'll have to peel off. :-)


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hehe!i think its a IM-based

hehe!i think its a IM-based affectation..kind of got used to it.
and wow,u actually put sense into my brain!i mean,one wouldnt cheat if one was completely dedicated to his/her respective rite?
and about the 18 months thing,i will be-hopefully-meeting him in december.i will be going to where he currently lives since my vacations will be on at that time.if not december,then for sure i'd be meeting him next year in april or may because i will be attending college where he lives(this is my last year of schooling)!we wunt be in the same college but definetely in the same city..isnt that great??
i keep reminding myself of that glorious fact and thus make myself happy everytime i feel a bit low.
cant wait for next year=)
(P.S): i hope you noticed the difference in my writting...have replaced all the missing vowels..!!:)