Long, long talks.

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Okay, now. A few things I want to talk about.

Firstly, my mom, who was led by her nose to a position just over my shoulder while I was reading the comments on my last entry (you know the one), told me that I "hadn't actually come out". Well, mother dear, I told YOU, didn't I!? Doesn't that count? Maybe she's thinking that "coming out" means dressing in rainbows or something. You know, like announcing it over a loudspeaker. I'm rolling my eyes right now. Can you tell?

Secondly, Dad apparently already knows. He figured it out himself! I was getting kind of reckless with the whole thing, I suppose. Truthfully, it's actually a bit of a relief. I couldn't possibly imagine telling another parent myself, not without medication.

Thirdly, I got this paranoid parent talk about watching out for predators. I know this, and I appreciate that they care enough to tell me it, but I've heard it before. A lot.
Also, it was recommended that I get both sides of the whole gay issue. As in, other than gay websites, in case you guys brainwash or something. Ohp! There roll my eyes again. Oh, and while they're swivelling, I have to mention that I was also told not to spout out about the "gay" thing to the general community (and why would I do that)? Also, they explained that I'm at an especially hormonally volatile time in my life. Though I don't disagree, I have a beef with the reason I was told this. Apparently (like, according to mommy) lots of things can (eye roll) change sexual-attraction-wise between now and when I'm finished growing. Hmm...I was under the impression that undergoing puberty made these kind of things obvious, instead of clouding them, what with heightened awareness of your gender of preference, and all. I mean, I would think that it would cement it rather than change it. But I guess I was wrong, then! If my parents say so, it must be true. (AAGH!! My eyes just rolled out of my head!).

My parents are reeeealy annoying me.


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So you didn't come out even

So you didn't come out even though you told your mom you were gay? Besides the nuisance that represents -and perhaps coming out again-, see the bright side, and laugh about it. Confusion has its ways of working the biggest messes ever, and they there to enjoy as life's farces outside theaters. Now, your parents might have reasons to believe there might be a change, just don't let them be 100% sure about that, and they'll probably be quite fine with gayness at the moment they run out of physiological excuses for the 'stage'. Bon chance, et au revoir.

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