lost kitty and meteors

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A missing cat, and I'm here listening to hardcore/death metal with a champion line that is slightly insulting to the gay community. Only because of the derogatory term. My God, don't they get tired of all that screaming?

But to cover the first three words. My cat's gone. It's only been two days, but he's never been gone that long. Do we know how much I love this cat? Not to sound like a crazy catlady that has nothing else in life, but I have a serious bond with him. He's the sweetest cat known to mankind, honestly. He loves up on everyone, cuddles, rubs his face on theirs, and even gives hugs, if you're special. And he loves me. I'm the momma, I feed him, I give him pets and sleep with him. And now he's missing... I'm sad. And worried for his safety.

Anyway.... did anyone see the meteor shower last night? C and I went to her old friend Sprinkle's house with J, K and quite a few others. Her dad told us to leave at about 12:30, since we were laying in the street making a rucus. Before hand, we roasted marshmallows [which apparently are kinda cancerous if only burnt, not cooked the full way through or something] and told "dead baby jokes." Those jokes are pretty horrible, but hilarious. I'd post some, but they're pretty racy...

C and I dropped J off and watched meteors for about a half hour in her backyard, canoodling under a blanket keeping warm in our PJ's. We both got tired though, and went and zonked out in her little house in the backyard [basically a little shed type thing that's clean and carpeted]. Her room is being painted and none of her furniture is set to go or anything. It was chilly and sometimes I'd wake up with my left arm over my head, away from C and wonder "wtf" and snuggle back up against her, wake up and it'd be the same thing. When I'm tired, I have no mind.

I miss my kitttttttyyyyy.


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First: I love dead baby

First: I love dead baby jokes! I know some horrid ones, but most of the time I'm afraid to tell them for fear of someone hitting me.

Second: I'm sorry about your kitty! I can't really say much else, but I hope he comes back soon!

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The two gnarliest ones I've

The two gnarliest ones I've heard are "What you get when you put a baby in a microwave" and "the difference between an apple and a dead baby." If you don't the answers and would like to, I will gladly tell you. They are sick and twisted but worth the laugh.

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I'm sure your cat will come

I'm sure your cat will come back. Someone else has probably started feeding him and he's decamped to the rival house for a bit.

I watched the meteors! I watched them with my sister, her boyfriend and my little brother. My other sister didn't want to be woken up, but we watched them for about an hour and a half. Lots of street lights everywhere though, it was still amazing though.

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The only thing I disliked

The only thing I disliked about the meteors is that they weren't terribly frequent. I mean, you didn't have to wait too long to see them [and there really was plenty of small ones going off every minute or something] but it wasn't really a "shower." Hah. How was it for you? Perhaps our viewing them at different times had an effect.

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No, they were quite

No, they were quite infrequent. But that was fun- or maybe it was infuriating. It could have been either. It meant that you'd be straining for ages to spot one and then you'd look down for a second and all the others would suddenly chorus that they'd seen one and you'd missed it.
But you know, meteors are meteors- I'm not one to be fussy about them...

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Aww I'm sure your cat will

Aww I'm sure your cat will come back! (oh damn Lol-taire already said that...) I have two cats who I love very much and I always freak out when they don't come back for awhile. But they always do. So just wait a bit and he will too.

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I hope your cat comes back!

I hope your cat comes back! I also have a cat, and I guess I can imagine how you feel right now! Watching meteor showers with C? that sounds like so cute. And she has a shed-like house in the backyard, that is so cool!

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Um, yeah, ditto everyone

Um, yeah, ditto everyone else. Hope your cat comes back (wish I had one, too, lol), meteors sound like way too much fun...I'm getting deja vu. :P

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Cats have some kind of

Cats have some kind of natural homing device (at least I think), so your kitty should get home when he/she? (not really sure if you mentioned it and I'm too lazy to look back up) decides to go back.