Me a guy? HA!

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So today i was sitting watching the Shock game as i usualy am during a home game. And this person goes and sits in the row behind me and hits my hat and like my hat falls off.. well partially falls off.. if i didn't have a tiny ponytail in it woulda fallen off. But anyways that lady was like "oh sorry sir".
I was kinda offended but then at the same time i was like ahh cool!
But how does anyone think i'm a man? sure it was from behind which is a little more reasonable and i wasn't wearing my usual tank top that shows of my girls quite nicely and i was wearing a hat but still.
I thought i'd share.. i'm not quite sure how i feel about it but w/e. Too late now to worry about it, it was just random.

The way to tell if a misquito bite is really itchy is if when you itch it it's one of the BEST feelings ever.
My feet are covered in bug bites and i know you're not suppose to itch them but the stupid after bite isn't working (i've tried out 4 different kinds and none of them seem to work).
Anyone know of anything that works for every bite they ever had other then after bite?


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"Your girls?" xD Try dabbing

"Your girls?" xD

Try dabbing on some calamine lotion and just leaving it on there. Or, run really hot water (as hot as you can stand) over them. I usually get eaten alive by mosquitoes, this summer being an amazingly wonderful exception ^^

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Yes.. my girls... aka my

Yes.. my girls... aka my boobs! I love them to death... all my friends complain about theirs being too big or too small i'm like hey i love them!
I had names for them but i forget the names becaus well the names sucked.
They were guy names too which is weird seeing as how they are boobs...

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try using

aveno cream or rub an ice cube over them. The ice cube works really well while you're rubing it on the bite but afterward it feels the same. That's kinda funny that someone thought you were a guy.

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Lmao I love that you called

Lmao I love that you called them 'your girls' too! I lived on an island for a while and Caladryl (a pink lotion-y thing) is the best for mosquito bites. It's really good, there's a liquid-like bottle type that you can slather on and I put basically a film of it on my arm one day when I was walking on the beach and my other arm got bitten but the other one was NOT! It was pretty funny. The actual lotion tube-style Caladryl is really good for eliminating the itchy feeling and making them vanish though. Bites on the feet are the WORST because the skin there is just so different/sort of actually super tender even though it's your feet!

That's funny/bizzarro that she thought you were a guy! My teachers have often said 'stop talking girls' and I'll be the only guy there so that's kind of bad and the girls will laugh at it too, but they also do that in a lot of other cases and totally straight guys are all 'WTF?!'. So I think just when someone is beyond age 45 they are entitled to making these mistakes haha. I think posture/body language says a lot, I was looking at a sort of testing thing somewhere online and it did videos of the bottom half of people in jeans and you were supposed to guess if it was a male or female moving. I got them all right!