Me I disconnect from you

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I really want to make a journal entry because I have lots of stuff that I just want to write about.Just to get it all out there.I sort of feel like everything around me is moving really quickly right now and I somehow have gotten swept along but I have no idea where the hell I am at the minute.I'm just sort of caught up in everything,yet at the same time I feel like in my head I have completely checked out of everything emotionally going on around me.I feel disconnected.I have tried to start writing about it in this entry but I don't even know how to explain it exactly.I'm not desperatly unhappy.I am happier than I have been.But I still just feel diconnected from everyone.My friends tend to completely spill their guts to me.It's not something I tend to do.I feel like in my head I am one person and who everyone seems to think I am is another.Maybe it is like that for everyone.I don't know.This hasn't made much sense.I can't seem to put into words what I am trying to say.


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You should totally read my

You should totally read my last entry! The titles were even similar. Except my 'friends' don't spill their guts too often. I'm sorry you feel like that/this :( Go eat something and watch television or read your favourite book!