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Hey. You all remember the last journal entry I made, where I said I'm going to a Def Leppard/Styx/Foreigner concert on Wednesday? I'm sure you do. Well, I got things mixed up. It turns out the concert is TONIGHT, not tomorrow!! W00t! And since I'll be staying up really late, I'm staying home from school tomorrow, because I need my beauty rest. Yay!

Right now, I'm going to make a really long "mental dump" of sorts. I'm going to make a really long journal entry where I blab on and on about everything that's been on my mind lately, and after that dump I can go to the concert feeling refreshed. :D So if you're not interested, leave now.

I am the oldest of four kids, and my family has two dogs and five cats. (My mom's friend found three stray kittens and their mother in her backyard, and we sort of adopted them. I also had one cat before we got them.) My parents are thinking about getting two more kids. See, my dad's half-sister (would that make her my half-aunt?) has two kids, and they're going to be taken by the state soon. She's asked my parents if they can take care of her children. It's crazy! There are six people, including my parents, and seven animals in the house already! How can we take two more? Yeah, we have a big house. (It has to be, considering everything.) But we'll have to work in order to find space for two more people.

My parents are still considering things, but it's still a really, really scary thought. Aaaaaaah! Help me!

I'm sure everyone remembers the whole shaving debacle that transpired a week or so ago. Well, a few days after my mom let me choose whether or not to shave my legs, I decided to try and shave my calves. After I did it, I didn't really...feel anything. I don't really understand what I expected to feel. I guess whenever I shaved in the past, afterwards I would always feel really good. I felt beautiful, like I was really pretty, and I would run my hands across my legs and feel how smooth they were. I felt refreshed. But now that I don't think I need to shave in order to look pretty, I didn't really feel anything after shaving. All I thought was, "Okay, so the hair's off. So what?"

I was wearing shorts today, and my dad noticed that I had shaved my calves while he was trying to tickle me. He was happy. "Oh, Mom, come look. She's shaved her legs." He sounded proud or something. Then he started to tickle me again. I hate it when he does that. I know he does it as a sign of affection and that I used to really like it and think it was fun when I was little, but now whenever he does it, I think, "Dude, leave me alone. I'm trying to read." It's weird.

I went to Target with my family last weekend. (No, not with any of the animals. You people have wild imaginations. :D) I had extra cash, and I got a Pat Benatar and Def Leppard CD. I also got a DVD of the movie Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. That movie is totally radical, dude! :P And it was only about six dollars, too! Sweet. When my mom looked at my CD choices, she said, "Wow...I approve. Not that it matters, but I approve." It's weird whenever an adult realizes I like the same music as they do. I wore one of my AC/DC shirts today, (I have two, plus a hoodie. Yes, I'm obsessed.) and my language arts teacher noticed after school. This is what happened:

Teacher: Oh, nice, an AC/DC shirt!
Me: Yeah.
Teacher: Do you listen to their music?
Me: Yeah. (Why else would I wear a shirt with their name on it? But then again, one of the more preppier girls I know has a Pink Floyd: Dark Side of the Moon T-shirt, and she's probably never listened to the actual CD.)
Teacher: Awesome! You rock!
Me: ...thanks.
Teacher: All right, see ya tomorrow!
Me: [pauses for a moment] See ya. [thinks: "But I'm not gonna be here tomorrow, because I'm going to a freaking DEF LEPPARD CONCERT!!"] [mentally does a little jig]

I don't understand why kids my age like to listen to people like Fergie and Beyonce and Avril Lavigne. I just hate how their music sounds. It's just not my thing. I don't like these genres: rap, country, hip-hop, R&B, and pop. Sure, I'll listen to a few artists in those genres. I like a few of the Black-Eyed Peas' songs and Kelly Clarkson. Plus I like the band Saving Jane, and they're supposed to be pop. (They sound more rock-ish to me, but whatever.) Considering those five genres are mainly what my peers listen to, I don't share their musical tastes. Actually, I prefer to think that I have better taste in music than them. Again, whatever.

One genre I'm sick of in particular is country, though. The two girls I carpool with to and from school always listen to this one country station during the car ride. ALWAYS. Although occasionally they listen to a popular music station that plays all of the recent trendy songs. I'm not trying to insult country or anyone else who's a country fan on here, so PLEASE don't flame. I just can't stand the genre, just like the previously mentioned girls aren't fond of my oldies and my rock music and my metal. I don't know if this is true about country music in general, or about other country stations, but the station they always listen to plays songs that are 90% about men singing about women they love in thick Southern accents. 5% have fathers singing in thick Southern accents about their children. (Songs like "My Little Girl" "I Loved Her First" and "Watching You.") And they're always fathers. Never mothers. The remaining 5% features songs about other topics and songs sung by women, in thick Southern accents, of course.

They rarely, if ever, play Reba McEntire, Shania Twain, Sheryl Crow, Carrie Underwood, or Faith Hill. I am so SICK of hearing heterosexual men singing about women they love!! Give me anything else! Give me a straight woman singing about the man she's in love with! Give me a freaking mass murderer singing about the last kill they made! But please, please no more guys singing about girls they love! I mean, come on, how many ways can you say, "Ah love this gal so much/She's so bee-yoo-ti-full"?

Another song the girls love to listen to is called "Beautiful Girls." It's by a Sean something, I think. In this song, he sings about how "you're way too beautiful, girl/You make me suicidal, suicidal..." They sing along to it like it's the most romantic thing in the world. What is so romantic about wanting to commit suicide over a girl?? "Oh, I love you so much, my dear. Let me slit my wrists and show you how much." I remember reading a few comments on Oasis where people say they like that song, and I'm sorry if I'm offending you, but honestly, what the crap is so loving about wanting to commit suicide over a girl?? It sounds like the guy's in an abusive relationship or something to me. Either that, or whoever wrote that is really stupid.



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i've never heard of...i

i've never heard of...i don't feel like scrolling up and copying their names, but i hope you had fun!!!

and don't worry, my musical tastes are just as unpopular as yours. i listen to folk, and classical :P, as well as rock, and a lot of other things that i don't have the time to write down. lol

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1) Agreed on popular

1) Agreed on popular music.
2) I listen to the music old boring people like... it's weird to enjoy my grandmother's music!
3) Bill and Ted is AMAZING xD

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hey... i beg to differ...

i'm a guitarist and i love classic rock/punk/metal & all that good stuff... but i also like country. i watch CMT... & i am the only person i know who does this. Maybe u would like country music more if u watched it on TV instead, cuz CMT shows videos by a ton of female artists, and in fact that's kinda why i like it... cuz a lot of the female country singers are HOT! such as: Sara Evans, Jennifer from Sugarland, Taylor Swift, etc.
Oh, and "Beautiful Girls" is by Sean Kingston... i'm pretty sure he's from Jamaica or Barbados... i can understand how that's not ur style, being a poppy-reggae song that is basically a remix of "Stand By Me" but with different lyrics. However, the lyrics make a lot of sense to me... when my ex girlfriend broke my heart, i was incredibly depressed and thought about death a lot... i understand how unrequited love can cause someone to feel suicidal. anyway, diff'rent strokes 4 diff'rent folks.