Merciful Zeus!

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Oh my god... so... I can die happy now.

I went to the big screen sing-along of Once More With Feeling (the musical Buffy episode, for all you n00bs who don't know.)

It was fan-fucking-tastic!!! SQUEEE!! I went with Molly, my lesbian buddy from upstate NY. Met her at my friend's bat-mitzva about a year ago... and apparently I set off her gaydar right away, even though I was only out to one person, so she just came out to me. She's fucking awesome, really fun, really geeky, really gay... we spent the whole night giving each other butch points and femme points xD and then kind of bitched about our lives and comforted each other in turn. And then I asked her for sex advice XD but seriously, it was awesome. It was great to see her, we haven't seen each other in person since the bat-mitzva last year.

But the sing-along, oh my god the singalong! Was fucking kickass!!! Before the whole thing started, we got little monster-y finger-puppets and the whole theater shouted 'GRR, ARGH!' And there was a live cast who acted everything out xD and the audience was saying lines along with the episode. 'Merciful Zeus!' (And I now have a 'Merciful Zeus' pin ^^) And we chanted "burn, burn, burn" at the burning guy... Willow and Tara said they had to go get 'the volume-y text,' and someone in the audience shouted out "THE KAMA-SUTRA!" XDD w00t!! And the actors doing Under Your Spell, for the last semi-sex bit they went behind a huge pride flag. Ahahaha it was amazing. (Plus I think Molly and I were sitting next to a lesbian couple, which was cute ^^) I went as Willow (red hairspray, yellow shirt, skirt, witch hat that blew away), and Molly had an impromptu Faith costume (tanktop, tight jeans, boots, dark make-up).

And... the best part of the entire fucking thing... They had a sign that the actress playing Dawn held up. And every time she held up the sign, the entire audience would shout "SHUT UP, DAWN!!!" And we got to yell "NO!" at the end of her whiny emo song... YESSSS!!! OMG, that absolutely made my life XDDD

Not to mention that afterwards, because their computer broke so they couldn't do the preshow, they just put on two more episodes of Buffy. Which were The Wish and Dopplegangland. And consequently, Molly and I were just sorta like "vampWillowleatheryay!!" Heh ^^

Would put other news, but frankly I'm sorta shocked if you read all the stuff I've already written. So I'll do the next whatever later. Cheers, night! I'm off to write (YESSSS!! Finally!!)


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Freakin' Sweet

That sounds awesome! ^.^


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