More Rocky Horror and a summer update

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Rocky rehearsals are exhausting. The dancing is intense, this is my first day off since Monday. Tomorrow we have a six hour rehearsal but it is finally at the theater! Woohoo. I have bug bites all over me (in...random places) from the gross temple that we've been rehearsing at. The garbage there has not been taken out in...I don't know. I don't really want to know.

There are some really great people in the cast. There are also some really horrible and annoying people. Those people are in the ensemble with me. Which makes it that much worse.

One of the four dance captains (why do we need four dance captains?) can't actually dance. She kind of moves but does it wrong. Thus teaching other people the wrong dance moves. Making the dances not as fanstasmic as they should be.

Enough of that. After my hopefully-not-horrible six hour rehearsal my dear, dear friend C is coming to spend the night. I am baking her cupcakes and we have amazing hot sex. Or...just hook-up a bit. We definitely will. I will make sure of that.

I actually really want to date her, but she is too good of a friend to lose when we break up. And when we break up, hell will freeze over. I will lose other friends and we will hate each other forever more. That is what would happen if we started dating. Sucks.

School starts on Wednesday. I still have to finish Native Son (not liking it) and do 4 chapters of AP US History homework. It's a shitload of work. Each chapter has a huge packed with tons of questions and essays and such. I definitely do not regret not doing it at all this summer because it would have sucked. I just don't want to do it at all. I can put of finishing my book for another month or so but the US homework must get done by Wed. or I will die a horrible death.

I miss camp and having people to talk to all the time. I hate rehearsing because it's at the exact time that I would be with my friends. Grr.

So Rocky Horror opens on September 15 at midnight. I'm sure some of you must live on Long Island. Get your gay-asses over there at some point, we're running through Halloween, maybe till November.

Message me if you want the details and such.


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gaspo! you're doing Rocky

gaspo! you're doing Rocky Horror!??!?!?! That is so fucking cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!! have fun. rocky horror is love.

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