My list!!!

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Because I'm bored and all the "cool" kids are doin’ it. Haha. I might not make it to 100 though.
1.I'm an ADHD kid.
2.My attention span SUCKS. It’s taken me three days to write this.
3.Chrome is my favorite color.
4.Because it's shiny.
5.When I was 11, I had an imaginary dog and a little sister.
6.I hate shoes.
7.And chairs.
8.I get panic attacks in large crowds.
9.My cat and I are very similar.
10.I can't decide if I'm a lesbian or just bi.
11.I steal my friend’s pens.
12.I'm good with words, but only on paper.
13.I can sleep for twelve hours straight and still want to fall asleep.
14.I’m a freak for proper English.
15.Stupid people make me angry. Legitimately slow people, I’m all right. But people who just act stupid and fake so people will like them…Grr…if you can’t keep up, get away from me.
16.It takes a lot to make me angry, but if you mess with my family or close friends, I. WILL. GET. YOU.
17.Mac N’ Cheese is my happy food. Better with Ketchup. You don’t have to like it, just tolerate it without picking on me. I have a good reason.
18.I will answer any question, you just have to ask me.
19.I hate being cold.
20.But my favorite seasons are fall and winter.
21.I’m a good chef.
22.I like kids.
23.I teach swim lessons at the YMCA in my town.
24.I’m a lightweight when it comes to prescription pain drugs. See the Vicodin journal entries.
25.My computer’s spell check didn’t like the word VICODIN. Haha.
26.I don’t trust people very easily.
27.But once I do, you’re in for life.
28.I'm intelligent, but I get crappy grades in school because I refuse to do work that I can't see is useful.
29.I get bored at school and I probably wouldn’t even go if it wasn’t for the diving board in the pool.
30.Once I’m 18, I probably won’t speak to my biological father again.
31.This is the longest I’ve ever been single. And it’s been less than a month.
32.When I’m really depressed, I play my guitar for hours on end.
33.I can’t grow plants to save my life. I grow mold. I’m a black thumb.
34.I have dyslexia when it comes to numbers.
35.My hair is the longest it’s been since I was 13. And it’s barely past my shoulders.
36.The best songs on CD’s are usually numbers 3,5,7&9.
37.I'm one of those people that you either love or hate…there isn't much in between with me.
38.I will pay over 3 dollars for a cup of coffee. A Grande, White Chocolate Mocha makes me a better person.
39.Sometimes, I get dyslexic with my words too…makes=sekam.
40.The sad part is that I can do it by accident, but I actually had to think about it to type it backwards a second time.
41.I will never lay a hand on my children.
42.I was a physically abused kid. I know better.
43.I’m not a casual dater. Relationship girl.
44.I’m not a boob girl or an ass girl…It’s eyes first and maybe then I’ll remember you’ve got a body.
45.I write poems and stories constantly.
46.90% of the time, I hate my poems.
47.I’ve never finished a story I’ve began.
48.I have a thing for colorful underwear. Unless they’re black.
49.I’m not very fond of clothes.
50.I’ve never been camping. And I’m not too excited to ever go.
51.The One will be able to change my mind.
52.I don’t like popcorn.
53.My little sister was the only one in my family to freak out when I came out.
54.I have 8 siblings.
55.I want to KILL people who use the word seen the wrong way. "I seen her the other day" NO THE FUCK YOU DID NOT!! You SAW her the other day!!
56.I worry about getting into college.
57.I can’t wait to move out.
58.I dislike Christmas because my dad always picks a fight.
59.I love presents though.
60.Surprises suck.
61.I’m a Mezzo Soprano. I can sing the highest Soprano notes and then…I can sing Tenor.
62.I’m not comfortable telling my mom about my life. But we’re really close and spend lots of time together.
63.My eyes change color depending on my mood, body temperature, what I’m wearing and who I’m looking at.
64.My eyes are…Blue, Gold, Green and Gray.
65.I love Gilmore Girls.
66.I used to have purple hair.
67.I’m a natural blonde.
68.I’ve been known to eat frosting. From the container.
69.I want a Polaroid camera.
70.Crazy/Beautiful is one of my favorite movies.
71.Because I’d go straight for Jay Hernandez.
72.I’m ½ Mexican but I look like any other white girl.
73.I can speak Spanish decently.
74.I’ve never slept with a boy.
75.I’ve left voice mails in the form of songs.
76.I’ve tried to kill myself. More than once.
77.I’m still here.
78.And I will never try to kill myself again.
79.I change a lot, but I remain the same person.
80.I just have better morals.
81.I’ve slept with 4 people my entire life.
82.I’m not proud of this.
83.I’d erase 3 outta 4.
84.I wear hoodies to sleep.
85.I love when people play with my hair.
86.Or rub my back.
87.I can sleep through a class all semester and still get an A.
88.I get really cold right before a confrontation.
89.I want kids.
90.More than 5, less than 15. I can’t decide.
91.I really really really want a Bermese Mountain dog.
92.I make a wish at 11:11
93.I’ve never had an after school detention.
94.But I got a lunch detention for making out with a girl in the softball dugouts.
95. My swim coach had to write the detentions.
96. I’m captain of the swim team.
97. And president of the GSA at my school.
98. I worry that I’m too busy.
99. I think this list ended too soon.
100. I’d rather cuddle with someone than anything else. And I love holding hands. But kisses and cuddles can’t be beat.
101.My ex-girlfriend is my best friend.
102.But I’m still in love with her.
103.I love the rain.
104.I love text messaging.
105.I post way, way, way, too often.
106.I hate pocket change.
107.I don't remember my dreams.
108.But when I do, they usually come true.
109.Unless I'm on vicodin. In which case, I don't WANT them to come true.
110. I'm Irish. If something looks like it takes too much effort to fix, I won't.
111. I drink way too much tea.
112. I believe in second changes.
113. And 3rd and 4th and so on.
114. I paint my fingernails funny colors because it makes the kids at my work happy.
115. Nobody can tell I'm gay. Their gaydar doesn't work on me.
116. I have a theory about lesbians and fingernails.
117. My sisters all have curly hair. I have straight hair. I think I belong to the post man.
118. I would have stopped this list 18 items ago, but I just...can't seem to hit "submit".


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"116. I have a theory about

"116. I have a theory about lesbians and fingernails."
*cracks up* Far too many people reference that in my life for my sanity...I laugh every single time someone brings it up.

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i'm totally not complaining,

i'm totally not complaining, but did you copy 28 from my list?

actually, in a lot of ways, you sound a lot like my girlfriend. and in others, you're nothing alike. good luck with life. that wasn't meant to sound trite, but that's how it came out. damn... :P

"I prefer the term gay because, well, lesbian has three syllables!" Emily Sailers
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