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I should make this quick. I want to wake up at a decent hour. I'm sort of tired of getting up at 10 or 11. It feels like half my day's already gone. 8 or 9 is better. I can get more done.

C's college class finally ended, so I told her to come over and spend the night with Y to celebrate. Her mom wouldn't let her. Because she doesn't know how to take her daughter sleeping over at her girlfriend's house. I was at first offended [actually still am kinda] but C said it's no like she's saying no for good, just that she's not sure how to take it. C feels sorry for her mom because her mom has no one to talk to about it [they've decided to not tell the dad] and it's hard for her to grasp the whole thing. Last night C said her and her mom decided to talk today about it, but all they talked about was the sleeping-over thing. It shocked me because it seemed like it should've included more than that, you know?

Well, I suppose we're bound to hit obstacles. And I was thinking.. "Huh, will this be too hard" but it was a brief thought, because no, it won't be. How much different would it be with someone else? If this is the only obstacle we really hit, then we're fine. I believe, anyway. But now she's concerned her dad will find out and prohibit her from seeing. The thought makes me want to cry a little, but I'm trying not to think about it too much. This relationship is still fresh and still considerably good.

And remember how I wanted this relationship for so long? On and off for five months. C and I are infatuated with eachother, and so close. I think that will rule over any negatives we face.

Anyway... tomorrow is the first day of our county fair! I entered some photography and a creative writing piece [very short short story]. I love seeing all the entries, eating a funnel cake, going on a few modest rides [i hate anything fast or jerky, ugh], watch fireworks, ride the ferris wheel, go see the horses. It's all very exciting, and Y, C, and I have been excited for weeks.

Oh, and someone outside the circle of friends and family knows C and I are together. Honestly, though, I'm tired, and don't want to tell the story. Tomorrow.

Here's to getting up at 8!


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Are you kidding. Are you

Are you kidding. Are you freaking kidding me. I only WISH I could get up at 10. Try getting up at 4 PM. haha.
Every summer this happens.
o how it hurt me sharp in the vein
it would never let me be still and still.

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I had the same sleeping

I had the same sleeping problem, but this ( solved it. It's great...damn it, i g2g, but I think that if you overcome those obstacles, everything (moms included) will be fine. No time for deeper writing, but, oh well, bye!

" . . . The sun does not shine upon this fair earth to meet frowning eyes, depend upon it." Charles Dickens