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Yesterday, I was in my bedroom bored… as usual thing in my lazy time in home, when I realized that I needed more gay series for watching in these desperate moments.

And.. boilá! Some goodness heard me and I founded a web where they saying that they are producing a new lesbian and gay series!!! And for doing that meltingpointfilms is asking to the gay community how we want the series. It is quite great, because it means that we can get the series to the way that we want!

If somebody want to do the questionnaire, this is the link:

Anywhere, I wish to have a series as good as The L word, but a bit more realistic, with random gaypeople, and gay and lesbians together!!

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I'm going to do the questionnaire right now! :D thanks for sharing this with us.

Edit: Just finished it. What type of series will this be? I hope its a comedy.

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I don't know if it will be a comedy or a drama... ask them. They are
I love comedys! some of them are amazing! but ... I love dramas as well! I love empathise with the characters!

You know, I will send them a short story that I wrote long time ago, which I think is cool, and they told me that if it is great maybe they will use it.

I don't know... but it looks nice! Can you imagine? the story written for us?

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I took the survey, too! I

I took the survey, too! I really hope it's a comedy. I love shows that make me laugh, and if they're about gay people, too, then that'll make it even better! :)

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