No Dyke Drama

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So i just took a shower and i feel insanely clean i spent like 20 mins in the shower.. normally i take about 5-10 minutes in the shower. I smell really good too.
My life has been kinda crazy at the moment well not even crazy just really weird i geuss. Not much has been going on. We are buying stuff and packing for my sister to go away to university. We drop her off in a week. We plan on doing some shopping while we are up in Toronto.. it shall be fun.
I still can't accept my dad and his gf movin in and going out and such which really sucks because i'm trying i just don't know how to get over it.
Like i know why don't i just deal but it doesn't seem to be that easy.. there's something holding me back from just being okay with it all and i don't know what it is.
There are many possibilities of what the something is-
1) My dad hasn't told my g-ma.
2) My dad told me about 2 months ago and it had been going on for over 2 years - so resentment anger.
3) It's been planned for soo long yet they haven't moved in even though they are suppose to.
4) i don't know
So does anyone know of like a site that helps kids deal with their parents divorce like kind of like oasis and all the other gay sites that help kids/teens deal with being gay but ones for kids with divorce/stepfamily issues.. i know it may sound dumb or there may not be anything out there but just thought i'd ask.
I have searched and really haven't found much but then again i did search for a gay place and it took me forever to find oasis.... I'm just horribl at searching.

My gay life is boring. Well by gay life i mean my romantic side, dyke drama, comming out issues.. is non-existant at the moment which i think is pretty good. I HATE dyke drama so i'm glad my 2 friends who always have dyke drama are kinda not talking or on different sides of teh continent.


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Yey for no dyke drama! Dyke

Yey for no dyke drama! Dyke drama is the worst, really. Enjoy the break while you can though... dyke drama never goes away! *spooky music*

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