Now that things seem to be picking up in here again...

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Hey guys!

I'm still offering the ebook of my first novel, Orphan's Quest, for free to anyone on Oasis that wants to read it. I only ask in return that you give me your opinion and encourage others to read it. Of course, if you want to buy a copy, it can now be special ordered from any bookstore in the US, the UK and probably Canada as well (yay!).

For those of you who have already read OQ, I have the almost-final draft of book two, Scion's Blood, available for those of you who enjoyed the first book and want to find out what happens next with Rokey and Flaskamper. Every one of my first readers said it was even better than book one, so I think I can safely recommend it. I'm still working on the final draft for the November release, but there shouldn't be any major changes, so I don't mind letting you read the manuscript as it stands now.

So, for anyone who wants a good Fantasy read with awesome gay heroes (and very good reviews to date), just reply here and tell me which book you want or else you can private me and let me know. I'll reply with the link you can go to and download the .pdf file for free. Why? Because I love you and I enjoy sharing my work with you. Do I need another reason?

If you'd like to be on my emailing list and get my monthly newsletter and all that jazz, just send me a note that says "subscribe me" to You'll get news about what I'm doing bookwise, get the chance to win stuff and generally be a part of the small yet very cool group of people I call my fans.

This is not a trick. You will not be subscribed to a credit monitoring service or enlisted in the Portugese navy. It's an honest to (insert name of higher power here) free thing from me to you - my adorable-though-occasionally-f***ed-up kids. So shoot me a message and get reading before school starts and you have to go back to reading Silas Marner and all that other boring shite again.

Hugs one and all,

Pat Nelson Childs
"Continuing to spread joy through genre fiction"


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that fact that you **** out fuck makes me giggle.


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"my adorable-though-occasionally-f***ed-up kids" Awwww. I'm fucked up!!! lol
~~~Fear is only a verb if you let it be.. don't you dare let go of my hand~~~