One hundred.

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I decided to write 100 worthless facts and useless information about me. I don't really know what compelled me to do it, but I really like to break things down.

Don't feel compelled to read it. Lol

1. I like my handwriting and love when people compliment it.
2. However, I’m really awkward with compliments and can’t accept them normally.
3. 90% of the time, I can’t stand the way I look. Most of the time, I just don’t care.
4. I wish I played a sport or at least stuck with one.
5. Basketball is really relaxing, even though I could probably never play a real game of basketball if my life depended on it.
6. I’m smarter than people think I am.
7. I can’t wait to go to college and leave my house.
8. If I really like a song, I could probably listen to it for an hour straight and it won’t get old.
9. I think it’s weird that when you tell stories about when you were 12/13, it was really 5/6 years ago.
10. As much as I hate my job, I take a sick pride in the fact that I’m in charge of what I do.
11. That being said, I want a new job.
12. Driving is one of the most relaxing things. I could have probably had my license a year ago and I still don’t.
13. I hate driving with my left hand or both. I normally drive with my right hand and my left one is out the window.
14. I’m naturally pale, and I stopped caring about that a while ago.
15. I find photography fascinating. I really want a Polaroid camera.
16. And I also really want a typewriter, an old fashioned one.
17. I like to think that I’m going somewhere with my life. I just have no motivation.
18. I’m a really big procrastinator. I can’t do anything unless it’s urgent and I have to. I need to be under pressure.
19. I’m clinically, emotionally depressed. I’m not on medication and I don’t go to therapy.
20. I’ve had two serious relationships in my life.
21. I’ve had one serious boyfriend.
22. I’ve had one serious girlfriend.
23. Those being said, I’m bisexual and about five people know about it. I don’t even know if they believe me.
24. I really like how clothes look on people, but never would pick them out for myself.
25. I love daisies more than any other flower. Roses are just overrated.
26. I could find a quote for any mood I’m in.
27. If I concentrate on a word too long on the computer, I’ll think it is spelt wrong.
28. I wish I was more artistic or creative.
29. I used to write, but I ended up hating everything I’ve ever written.
30. I lost my virginity (to a guy) by the time I was seventeen.
31. I really like to hear people’s stories and getting to know them.
32. I’d much rather listen than talk.
33. I run around my house in my underwear constantly.
34. I’m a really sloppy drunk.
35. I’ve never smoked a cigarette in my life, but I have smoked marijuana.
36. The only person I’ve trusted 100% died when I was seven.
37. I’ve tried to kill myself.
38. I laugh at everything when I’m in the right mood.
39. I love wearing hoodies in the movie theater because it’s freezing.
40. I have a hair fetish and I love when people play with my hair.
41. Addictive habits run in my family, and that scares me a lot more than anything else.
42. I used to be a cutter.
43. I’m really good at math and I love it. There’s something about having a definite answer that’s reassuring.
44. However, after the past year, I really like the endless answers found in English.
45. I care about people a lot more than I should.
46. I’m really forgiving, too forgiving even.
47. I’ll talk to someone even if I don’t want to.
48. I don’t like confrontations.
49. I can be really vain but it’s usually just a joke.
50. Because honestly, I’m really insecure.
51. I watch digital clocks and use the numbers to make the largest possible number. For example; 12:59 would be turned into 9521.
52. Also, if I see any set of numbers, I try to make them all to result in the number 8. For example; 12:59 – if you subtract 5 from 9, you get 4. Multiple 2 by 4 and 1 and you get 8.
53. Twenty five is my favorite number.
54. I can say the alphabet backwards.
55. I had detention one time for being late to tech ed.
56. I used to play piano and cello. I wish I had stuck with those too.
57. If you couldn’t tell, I’m really worthless.
58. I don’t show that I’m upset.
59. I am really afraid of bears and being eaten by one.
60. So, that’s why I read The Worst Case Scenario Survival Guide. So in that case, if I DO come across a bear, I know to lie down and pretend that I am dead.
61. I flirt with everyone. Everyone else just takes it the wrong one, I’m just naturally friendly.
62. I realized that I’m a lot more comfortable sexually with girls. Is that weird?
63. I love pens that write with dark, thick ink. I get really upset if I have to use a crappy pen.
64. I dislike my mother for the fact that she was never actually there for me, and now she’s trying to convince me she is.
65. I think sex is overrated.
66. I have no idea where I want to college or what I want to do with my life.
67. I’ve fallen in love two times, at the same time.
68. I have anxiety attacks a lot more often than I used to.
69. I like to dance like a complete fool and not think that I’m embarrassing myself.
70. I’m really defensive. If the person actually KNOWS me, I’m probably fifteen times more defensive.
71. I’m really afraid of the unknown and of change. I like what’s comfortable and I’m scared that change will alter that.
72. I’d rather cuddle with someone than anything else. And I love holding hands.
73. I wanted to change the world. But my junior year English teacher made me realize that everyone wants to make a difference. So I want to either change MY world, or someone else’s.
74. If I could do one thing with my life, it’d be to save someone.
75. Je parle francais. Kind of…
76. I get really frustrated if something is wrong and I cannot for the life of me figure out what the hell it is.
77. I cried when I was in the 4th grade and got my first B (in gym).
78. My dad is the most intimidating person I’ve ever met in my entire life. He just wants us all to live up to our infinite potential.
79. I love the sounds of typing on a laptop. It reminds me of rain.
80. I, like a million other people, think too much.
81. I realized I have to accept myself before anyone else can.
82. I love the color green, and it has nothing to do with the fact that I was born on St. Patrick’s Day.
83. Sometimes, I make myself cry. It’s really kind of pathetic.
84. The worst fight I ever got into was with my best friend. We stopped talking for months and reliving that still makes me really upset.
85. I’m horrible at making plans, making decisions, and keeping in touch with people.
86. I need glasses.
87. I am really awkward with being naked.
88. I love buying new school supplies.
89. I’m a senior and I can’t decide if I’m upset or excited by my last year in high school. And then I remember that I get to leave, and I am just ecstatic.
90. I love coffee. I remember my grandmother would give it to me (with a lot of milk and sugar) in my sippy cup when I was four (along with really good buttered toast).
91. I’ve gotten a lot better at small talk since having a job.
92. I hate wearing shoes, and if you’ve ever looked at my feet – you could probably realize that.
93. I’m a lot more flexible than most people.
94. I keep everything. I think being a pack-rat runs in my family.
95. The first day I was public about my relationship with a girl, a homeless man criticized me. That kind of makes me laugh now.
96. I am a really active person in my church and I help them out. But I lost all faith in my church and realized that my faith is the only thing that’s gotten me anywhere – not my church; they’re just worthless.
97. I love big earrings.
98. I want to get something pierced and I want to get a star (freehanded) tattooed on my hip bone.
99. I always want to do something drastic to my look, but I’m way too chicken.
100. This list made me realize that I’m crazy, worthless, and just plain ridiculous. And I’m okay with that.


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je ne parle pas francais. Je

je ne parle pas francais. Je parle francais un petite puet (sp?). Lol um we are soo much alike.. my dad is intimadating, greens a great color, i love cofffee, i love old typewriters. My grandma has one and i use it everytime i'm over jus for teh heck of it.. i LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVe LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!
~~~Fear is only a verb if you let it be.. don't you dare let go of my hand~~~

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je parle francais un petite

je parle francais un petite peu, aussi [=
but i understand your love for typewriters. they're just so classic and timeless and spiffffffy!