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This is the Rest of the list.

51) Salad is my favourite food.
52) During the school year i ate at least one salad a day and kinda stopped over summer.
53) I also really like Garlic Bread.
54) I like garlic in general.. or anything with a powerful taste.. especially onions.
55) Unless there is a really strong dominating taste i can't really taste anything.
56) I have wayy too many stuffed animals.
57) I left most of them at my dad's except Ricky and Rabbie. Ricky is a Raccoon who is currently under my chin. And Rabbie is a Rabbit who has kinda gotten lost for the time being.
58) I used to have a blankie.
59) I used to sniff my blankie and suck my thumb and have for most of my life until my blankie got too small and ripped into threads (half of it was intact but didn't have that "Used" smell- so i dind't like it)
60) I replaced snifing my blankie and sucking my thumb with sniffing this tigger head i got from Disney with my family. It has this PJ pouch thing and i've turned it inside out and so now the one side gets cold.
61) I can't sleep with a hott pillow.. it has to be cool or cold... so during the summer i put it over the vent and during the winter i put it up against the window or wall.
62) I can cook.
63) I can bake.
64) My grandma and my dad taught me how to cook and bake and i'm really proud of how well i can do both.
65) I roll around in my sleep... ALOT!
66) So a matrees cover won't stay on even when we use these things (we've tried several products) that are built to keep sheets68 on the matress. So i don't really have one on.. once and awhile i'l put it back on and it stays for like a week.
67) I'm really uncomfortable with my period.
68) I hate unwrapping pads.. even in my own house where i know no one cares.. and in public i just won't i either take it off and leak or leave it on.. i always think that peole are listening and will care and i just feel like when i unwrap a pad it's like announcing to the whole bathroom i have my period.
69) I don't like chocolate.
70) I'm not a big fan of cookies.. it used to be i only ate homemade ones but now i just don't like um that much.
71) I'm madly in love with my best friend and until now i haven't told anyone.
72) I have crushes on 3 of my closest friends.
73) I love gay guys..
74) Whenever i'm just sitting at a shock game i just want a lesbian to like talk to me when my dad's not around and just like share everything with them.
75) I wish i had an older lesbian or lesbian couple or even gay male mentor.
76) I wish i had some older mentor straight or gay i could open up too and just talk to who's there for me and kinda my best friend.
77) Because i'm so used to a laptop keyboard i'm not used to regular ones.
78) I'm also not used to mouses either because i don't use one anymore.
79) I've always been really upset that i didn't and will never have a "Happily ever after" like the ones i read about in books.
80) I have close to 1000 books that are just mine ranging from kiddie to adult but mostly pre-teen/teen.
81) I love to read aloud especially kids books to kids.
82) My fav book to read aloud is green eggs and ham.. i even have voices for it and i have it memorized.
83) One night when i was bored I memorized the alphabet backwards and can now say it backwards in less then 20 seconds.
84) I love playing softball.
85) I love playing tennis.
86) i actually really admire my sister even though she's screwed up soo many times.
87) As much as i want to hate my dad's Gf i actually really like her even though she has nothgin going for her and alot of the time i'm just pissed off at the whole relationship.
88) I wrote to Santa like 2 times asking him to make my mommmy and daddy get back together.
89) I love oldies music.
90) Some mornings i get up and look in the mirror and say "DAMN! I look hott today!"
91) Most mornings i do not look in the mirror.
92) Most days i don't look in the mirror because i'm afraid of my own reflection and looking into myself too much.
93) When i look down at myself or in the mirror i see someone about 7/8-6/8 the size that i really am.
94) Sometimes social situations scare me.
95) When they do i tend to get kinda hyper and just talk to everyone randomly or i sit back and hide.
96) I used to have a babysitter. I had one till i was 10.
97) I condsidered her my second mother and her house was mine because i spent way more time at it then at my own.
98) I love music but i can't read music... well mostly rythms.. i've gotten by soo many years by listening to everyone else and the teacher or whoever sayiing them out loud.
99) I'm gowing my hair long.
100) Oasis is one of the only places where i have felt i can be myself.