Over here in vicodin land...

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So, over here in Vicodin land...Everything is very pretty. So if this entry is a little random, blame the perscription ibuprofin. So far, I'm pretty amused. Except I have to type really slow because my brain is not fully connected and I miss-spell my words. So yesterday, I was completely miserable and could barely function enough to go to work. I got about...an hour of sleep last night. In total. Because I was so miserable. I sneezed and it hurt so bad that I ended up crying. So I waited for my mom to get up and then we went to the Multi-Care Clinic. And they gave me a strep test which hurt and made me cry some more. And all my glands are swollen and my uvula (the hangy down bit in the back of your throat) was HUGE...So basically breathing was not my friend. And the idea of not being able to breath just made it worse. So...I've started a bunch of sentences with SO today...how odd...I blame the pain meds. Never drug Amy. The bare minimum dose is extreamly effective. And this is only on 800 mLgram tylenol basically. I'm supposed to take the Vicodin before bed. Or if I want a 4 hour nap. MMMMhhhhmmmm, NAP! I wonder what would happen if I left all my spelling errors. It would probably look funny. The thing with me on meds is that my brain just...wanders...I just check out and the randomest thoughts make me crack up...I was thinking about my name and how I don't really like it and why, if it's spelled A-m-y is it pronounced A-mee. Why not A-my like it's spelled. This is what happens. Pain meds knock me on my ass whether I want them to or not. Anyways, back to what the doctor said...Take my meds, I'll be perfectly fine in 10 days. Which is kinda iffy because I have swim practice the 20th and the captain cannot just not be there. Not an option. Anyways, he said I can't go to work tomorrow...Oh well...And I'm thinking about not going on Tuesday either. But we'll have to see how I feel. One of my meds is like liquid novacain...Funny stuff. It makes my tongue tingle. Which makes me giggle, which makes it hurt. Originally, the word giggle was girrrgle...Yeah...I'm kinda sped when on meds. Anyways, on a topic other than my being loopy. My Bam Bam is coming here. In 2-3 weeks. With her dad. To see her sister and brother-in-law and her neice. And me. Yes, me. And I'm practically counting days. I haven't seen her since...March...Before we broke up. And everyday, multiple times a day, I wish her arms were around me. But she is coming up here, to my little rainy corner of Washington. So this morning, before I left, there way a huge spider on the wall of my living room and I just remembered about it...I'm wondering where it went. Which is kinda scary. I don't like spiders much and this sucker was like...2 inches long and hairy. So I'm hoping that somebody killed it. I have absolutly no voice, or else I would go ask somebody...hmmm...sign language...Apparently, my dad squished it. Thank goodness. Today, I am missing her bad. I remember the one time that I let her take care of me. Well, two seperate times, but during the same time period. I have never felt so...loved in my entire life. And I think that's what love is. Taking care of each other and just...existing happily together. I used to day dream about our future, what am I saying, I still day dream about it. But it's the little things that I keep thinking about. Doing dishes together and watching tv curled up around each other. Simple things are what I long for the most. Walks on rainy weekend mornings and hollidays together and I'm babbling. I'm sure she'll be amused when she sees this...



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I don't know miss, I didn't

I don't know miss, I didn't know ibuprofen counted as a mind altering drug. Neither did I know that Tylenol was ibuprofen.
You really MUST be a lightweight eh!
Your condition still sucks by the sounds of it. I couldn't handle it.
et après tu chantes pour les saisons, tu chantes à toi-même
tu danses dans l’aube quand le soleil se lève