peer pressure made me do this

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55 random facts, because I'm dumb and wish to conform...and too lazy to think of 100.

1. I share a birthday with Daniel Radcliffe (July 23)...Daniel Radcliffe...*drool*
2. I'm single.
3. I'm probably going to be a psychologist...
4. ...Or, run my own business.
5. I tend to post lots of journals/blog entries, especially on my deviantART account.
6. I believe the term "normal" is relative.
7. In fact, there are *few* people who I actually consider "normal".
8. I recently become very interested in social change movements & activism.
9. I am throughly convinced that the break room on my floor at work is infested by evil spirits.
10. I. Love. IKEA. It is the most wonderful creation, ever.
11. My friend/fag-hag Ashley & I enjoy weirding out random people on the street by shouting things in Japanese.
12. I remain convinced that Pluto IS a PLANET and NO ONE shall tell me otherwise. :P
13. I browsed the GLBT section of my library for the first time today. It was dismal...
14. ... so I'm going to go check out the GLBT branch in the Gayborhood (Philly's gay neighborhood, obviously) next week.
15. I hate the sound of my voice.
16. I hate it so much that I systematically avoid contact with anything that has my voice recorded on it, especially my voicemail inbox at work...
17. I went to a gay pride event for the first time this year...
18. ...and it was one of the BEST days of my life.
19. I go to an all boys, Christian high school. It is hell on earth.
20. My favorite color is blue.
21. My *other* favorite color is black.
22. I have prophetic dreams.
23. Most people don't believe that I do, obviously.
24. I am addicted to Starbucks coffee. It owns my soul.
25. Well no, Jesus has a claim on it too, whether I like it or not.
26. I used to be a pious Christian boy.
27. But I had doubts, so I turned to Theravada Buddhism.
28. I want to streak my hair blue.
29. I speak French.
30. And Latin.
31. My favorite song is probably "Scratch Your Name" by Noisettes.
32. My 2nd favorite is "Keep Tryin'" by Utada Hikaru.
33. My favorite genres of music include Alternative Rock, Indie Rock, Dance, Techno/Electronica, J-Pop/J-Rock, and video game soundtracks.
34. Boys in skirts intrigue me.
35. I find it *highly* unusual that people can fall asleep on the train and magically wake up at their stop.
36. I want to make a living out of helping people.
37. I highly doubt there is anyone out there willing to deal with me and call me their boyfriend...
38. ...but I'll keep looking. ;)
39. I may be gay, but I love Margaret Cho with every fiber of my being.
40. I somehow manage to hurt myself at my cubicle EVERY DAY. (paper cuts, banging my knee on the desk, stubbing my toe, etc.)
41. I'd love a boy who doesn't give a flying fuck about what other people say.
42. My friends are my 2nd family. They've been there for me through a lot of stuff.
43. I am the second shortest guy in my class, I'm taller than the other kid by about 3 inches or so.
44. I cannot swim, even though I've had a lot of swimming lessons.
45. I have only had one actual relationship in my life, and it was long distance. It was one of the best things that ever happened to me.
46. Hershey's Chocolate is my anti-drug.
47. My second home is the Starbucks thats 5 blocks or so from work.
48. I really want a boy who will have random, but thoughtful conversations with me at odd times during the day.
49. I get highly annoyed when the conductor on the train repeats the upcoming station twice or more, because I think that if people don't pay attention that's their fault.
50. I procrastinate.
51. If it were up to me, gay people would run the country.
52. I have lots of rainbows at my cubicle at work, but no one has figured out I'm gay.
53. My friends & I will laugh at the most un-funny things. (last week we cracked up at the word "lozenge")
54. I love how people who criticize gays will make the most unusual claims ( this one time, at pride parade, this guy from one of those Christian groups said gay people urinate on each other during sex)
55. I'm way too shy to make friends, but I try.

there you have it. I might finish it and add 45 more in another journal.


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I think boys in skirts

I think boys in skirts intrige everybody. There's a group of boys at my school who put on skirts every year for a yearbook photo. And they're the straightest boys I know. It's kinda funny. Nice list btw.

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I wish guys did that at my

I wish guys did that at my school. The closest thing we have is a photo of the senior class trip to Europe, where there were guys in kilts from the trip to Scotland.

(I want to pluck
a little star out of the night sky
and hold it close to my heart
and pretend it's you)

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Was just at a Margaret Cho event in SF last night.


"Be like a postage stamp. Stick to one thing until you get there." -- Josh Billings.

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Ooo Daniel Radcliffe! Rory's

Ooo Daniel Radcliffe! Rory's dad on Gilmore Girls! yeah!
Birthday on the 23rd? Me too! Just in September. I have a big thing with the number 23. Only semi-sparked by the movie.

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Welcome to oasis! since I

Welcome to oasis! since I never saw your other posts. I'm from philadelphia also... so where is this hell pot of a school your speaking about?

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my school...

is in center city.

(I want to pluck
a little star out of the night sky
and hold it close to my heart
and pretend it's you)