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A quick entry while C is taking a shower. Let me start out by saying I won her a stuffed penguin at the county fair.

I got my first paycheck this Saturday. Ever. A nice $145. After I put some in my bank and make a fund for gas, I have $65 to myself. And S tips me out quite nicely, so I made $22 in tips this weekend. I love S. She's anxious for me to take C on a real date [I know, I'm cheap and I haven't done it yet, it's sad] which I am doing tomorrow on our one month!

=] One month. It barely feels like it though, with her being gone and such. But progressively, we're spending more and more time together. And now with a paycheck in my pocket, I know have the ability to take her on a nice date. Down to the harbor we'll be.

Most of my time this summer has been spent with Y and our friend J and his bandmates. I'm too lazy to make acronyms for all of them right now. J had a thing for C before he knew I was with her. That's a good story: S, J and I took C home and when she departed from the car J goes "That girl's adorable." Haha. [This story continues to be interrupted by C kissing me a whole bunch. She smells good]. And he's referred to her a time or two as the "really cute girl" that goes in to band practice sometimes. Hah, but J is an awesome guy. And speaking of band practice, their shitty bass player [Y's ex] is gone on vacation and I've jammed with them a couple of times. They think they'd like me as a bass player and move the other one to lead guitar or something. Which, even though I'm not too fond of the genre of music they play, I'd still do, because it's fun and why the hell not. For the experience and shit. Play shows. Plus the guitarist is down for a band seperately with me, playing drums.

That was a long paragraph, but how about I go back to the second sentence of this whole thing: C, Y, S, Y's new manfriend [lead singer of previously stated band, K] and I all went to the county fair at our local fairgrounds. We browsed the sheep with large testicles and the youth art depot to see what we all got on our photography [C owned us all], went and talked to the horses, went on rides [well, Y, K and I only went on 2, C and S are the adventurous ones], and had a general fair experience. I also paid $5 for 3 darts and hit a target and won a penguin about the size of a human torso for C. I was very proud of this moment. It was very movie-like.

Well, this has taken me a long time to write. A majority of it because C is distracting. Psh. But I don't mind.
Probably more to write later.


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Cute! I want to take my

Cute! I want to take my girlfriend to the fair and win a penguin for her. Wait, scratch that. I'm a broke college kid and those games are spendy. Fair days are behind me now. I bought her a dreamcatcher-like necklace from the natives in Vancouver when I was there this summer; that's about all I can afford. :-)

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Water is a precious commodity that shouldn't be wasted. Shower with her next time.


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Advice from a wise man.

Advice from a wise man. Thank you.

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A penguin in a game! that is

A penguin in a game! that is so cute! good luck in your date!!!!

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Aww thats so cute and lol at

Aww thats so cute and lol at Jeff's comment!

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