Philosophy in the Pool

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Swimming lessons started yesterday. At nine o'clock. In the morning.

Actually, the term "swimming lesson" would be a bit inaccurate. These aren't swimming lessons. These are red cross water-centric bronze-something lifesaving courses. CPR. Victim rescues. Stuff like that.

Of course, you still swim. Just in more intensely concentrated doses. You know: long endurance swims, fitness medleys, treading with rubber bricks and the like. The endurance swim, by the way, was finished in the least time by moi. That is, if you don't count the extra two and a half laps I accidentally did. Oops! I was just going to stop when the guy beside-ish me did, but apparently, he was following me...

That's a heck of a loop to try to break, though, isn't it? You're over there, doing something because someone else is, and you think it's right; but over here, that very someone else is doing something because you are, and he thinks that that's right. It goes on and on. It could happen with more than one person, too.

But what if all of them are wrong? How do you know unless somebody outside of the cycle tells you? What if there's nobody outside of the cycle?

I think that if that happens, what we're doing effectively becomes right. Truth is, invariably, what you believe it to be, isn't it? And I guess that what you believe is almost always governed what others believe. And that's what creates our perceptions and beliefs, our sense of appropriateness and normality. Like when a good time to stop is in an endurance swim.

So does that mean what happened in the pool can be applied to a given town, a province, a country? A continent?

Is reality a relative concept?
How would we ever know?

My head hurts.


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Reality and truth are both

Reality and truth are both relative. That's the basic philosophy behind modern politics xD

Whatever I did, I didn't do it.

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Wow. I never thought of

Wow. I never thought of that.. and I suppose it's possible that it could happen anywhere. Thing is that if it's an entire country or something that's been doing something wrong in their "cycle" and someone from the outside tells them it's wrong, they're probably not going to believe it or want to change. Hmm...