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I can't move on,
but oh how I wish I could.
You're in every piece of me
and I'm just a fragment of you.
Loving you is a one way street
and I'd kill to get off
where the crossroads meet.
I need love and you're just a liar
So don't tell me I'm wrong.
I really thought we belonged.
I could so easily ruin what you have.
Because honestly, what would she say
once she saw your sweet words?
Yet you can do this, so convincingly
without a guilty heart.
Tell me you care, say you'll be there.
But if you want me with nobody else,
be my somebody.
I've got a list of sins,
and nothing can distract quite like you.
You're with her and I'm alone
and I'm wishing she was me.
But I'd like a second chance
with forever, and not with you.
Would it be so shocking
if I could give my heart away
and never take it back?
Boy, Girl, younger, older,
I don't care. I just want to be okay.
I'd like to find my other half.
The good one, my equal.
And I know I've got time,
time to live and learn and love.
I could even live with friendship.
A best friend.
Somebody I could call at 3am
because I had a nightmare.
No pressure, no promises
disguised as "I love you".
Something that would cause me
no heart ache, no heart break.
I think I just realized that I miss my older brother. He and I are so close that it's better than any relationship. Thats what I need. Time with my brother. And don't worry Shadow, my lips are sealed.


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way over my head.. that is a

way over my head..
that is a really wonderful poem its like so how every body feels alot of the time for realz..

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Not that it does you much

Not that it does you much good, but I'm sending you lots of hugs.

A beautiful poem in its sadness. I'm so sorry she left you, and I hope you can find a way to heal. *more hugs*

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