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so, whats new with me...hmmm...

my girlfriend and i went to brighton pride (the biggest gay pride in europe). brighton is the gay capital of britiain and it was BRILLIANT!!! its was really sunny and we had sooo much fun. we were with a group of friends and it was generally just cool. we are goin on holiday to russia soon too which will be cool too (although it involves staying with my parents).

talking of my parents... they are getting really good with the whole gf thing. they have both met her and its all good!

thats most of whats been happening... apart from working loads ive just been going out with friends and seeing some shows (the fringe festival is on here so lots going on).

whats new with everyone else???


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forget london...I'm moving

forget london...I'm moving to brighton!
o I wish I lived in england. Then i'd have a cool accent and not a stupid boring american accent.
et après tu chantes pour les saisons, tu chantes à toi-même
tu danses dans l’aube quand le soleil se lève