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So yesterday i was at my dads all day! From like 11-8.. that's a long time to spend wth him. We basically cooked the whole day... and then at 4ish his gf and her kids came ovr for dinner.
What i hate about eating there is he always thinks the foods that i don't like are the foods i do and vise versa. So i always end up with a ton of food i hate or that makes me sick but ya see i'm not one to complain to him so i just eat it silently and know that later i'm gunna be sick. I also don't like eating dinner there because it hs always been that dinner is before 5. Well i haven't really eaten dinner with him that often since grade 4 and my mom gets off work at 6ish so by the time she gets home and we decide what we want to eat sometimes it's 7 even later. So eating at 5 is just weird to me and like i'm not even hungry then so i tend to not eat the much and then go home and eat.
On tuesday i'm eating the left overs of yesterda.. we had turkey so on tuesday we are having Turkey Rice Casserole--- not bad... if you like rice.
It's gotten to the point now that i don't even know why i'm writing this journal................
I might be having a movie marathon with my Friend Heather and then her friend - now my friend- girl i met at pride- Candace and Candace's now GF who i'm now friends with and i met at pride- Chantel.


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so i defs didnt reply to my

so i defs didnt reply to my own thing but whatever... it's here and it's queer.. lol um i don't know how to delete it so it's stayin.

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