Religion, TV, and the No Shame Theatre

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I'm watching the Colbert Report and there is this lady talking about Christians have lost sight of true religion. Haha he said "do you hear them applauding the sanctity of marriage"...and all this talk about religion is making me go Haha stupid Christians in the depths of my mind. I haven't encountered any hateful Christians recently otherwise I would set them straight about how unevil atheism is.
Once I wore a shirt to school that said "Atheism is not evil!". No one said anything :'( It was cool though; I'm going to do it again. I'm happy I don't have religion holding me down. CC said that she wants a community and that I can't go see churches with her because we 'have different reasons for wating to go". I agree...but how does SHE know what my reasons are?? I want to go to a Catholic church, a Jewish synagogue (I think they'll only let me into a Reform congregation), and the Metropolitan Community Church, just to see what that's all about.
Not to "find my place" though; I don't need a religion to be a good person. Yay to having your own values.
I remember in 9th grade, telling the vice principal I didn't believe in right or wrong, and then telling my mom. Neither one understood me...I still don't really, cos morals are grounded in religion. I'm not going to go out and kill someone because "omg I just don't know right from wrong"...but then it got too complicated trying not to use the words right and I stopped telling people about that. I told them I believe in actions and consequences instead.
Oh well.

In other news, my TV works again. It's on the floor now. I also took down my posters and my Wall of Feminism. It was kind of Clockwork Orange poster is ruined from my careless tape usage over the years. I rolled up Ziggy Stardust and that other poster by whats-his-name...since we found unwanted paint cans in Home Depot for $5 per gallon, my mom said she'd pay for the can so I am painting my room again!
Whatever color happens to be there, is the color I'm painting it. Even if it's pink or diaherria yellow.
My mom wanted to paint the living room diaherria yellow. And the ceiling brown. Talk about a bad color combination. I think she since changed her mind, so it's ok.

I'm watching stupid Will and Grace. I hate this show so much. I'm waiting for Blind Date, as usual.
Ahh it's good to have my TV back.
I don't think I recommend Pagan Babies anymore. It's depressing. All people do is drink and be "chagrined". I mean dammit, Greg Johnson, use a damn thesaurus. They don't have to be "chagrined" all the time. You think you're so cool, but if you were really cool you'd have read your book over and realise you used the word about 40 times.
He also referenced a "balmy April day" twice. His vocabulary is seriously ruining the book, more so than the destructive lifestyles of the characters. I can't wait until I'm done with this stupid book.
I'm going to read "Primary Whites" next, which is about a conservative campaign gone awry. It sounds interesting. Especially since it says "by Anonymous, who also wrote Kama Sutra and Beowulf". hehe.

I don't recommend the No Shame Theatre anymore either. This one guy, for his scene, ate ice cream for 5 minutes. It might be avant garde anywhere else, but really. For god's sake. Someone actually came up to him and said how great it was, was there any deep meaning for it?
I got a great scene for my movie out of it though.
OMG this girl came up to me after and she was like HEY and I was like HEY and she said, what are you taping? All suspicious and I said I just needed a 6 second scene of people talking. (I ended up not using that particular scene). Then she just left. It was weird. But then my dad said "That was a man, you know" and I was like WTF? No it wasn't? I feel he was jealous though because he was looking at her and her friend the whole time.
It's gross being with him because we look at the same girls.
Does NOT make me feel very good.
Not to mention he's obnoxious around people. Everyone at the No Shame Theatre that he tried to talk to radiated a "oh god that lonely old guy is trying to talk to me again"...I really have to stop being with him in public.


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I have a friend who does No

I have a friend who does No Shame. I'm thinking about going with her next time she does it. Maybe I'll see you up there?

"Yes! No! Oh, damn!"

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In roanoke? I almost never

In roanoke?
I almost never go there so if you're in roanoke, that would be freaking cool. do keep me notified.
o how it hurt me sharp in the vein
it would never let me be still and still.