Rocky Horror, Questioning, Spring Awakening

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I'm a phantom in Rocky Horror, it's so exciting! The cast looks great and rehearsals start TOMORROW!!!

The downside? I can't register for dance class :-( my mom has to go do it. Uch... A little miffed about that.

On Monday when I was in NYC I went over to Capezio and I got REALLY REALLY PRETTY NEW SHOES!!! I'm so excited. They're Glisse's. So much better than my crappy Bloch pointe shoes. Bloch seems to be good for jazz sneakers and oxford taps, but not for ballet shoes and character shoes.

Spring Awakening was of course amazing. I got a standing room ticket except OOPS couldn't see over the banister (yea...I'm 4'10" go ahead and laugh) so I go talk to the house manager (we're totally buddies now...) and he let me stand in the middle of the aisle. Yay.

So question of the day: Am I bisexual? Or am I a lesbian? I was talking with my friend and we seemed to come to the conclusion that we both go through phases of being more attracted to one sex over the other. I still find men attractive, I'd just rather be in a relationship with a female right now.

I don't really feel like thinking about it too much, or stressing over it. I am what I am. I'll wear my rainbows and pride pins and have a gay ole time.



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OMG i'm taller than someone

Honestly, I didn't think that was possible. I'm 4'11 and 1/2, or at least I was at my last docter's appiontment about 10 months ago. I don't think I'm growing anymore. Sometimes I also wonder if I'm bi or lesbian, I think most people at some piont do wonder if they're gay or bi. Good for you for realizing that it really doesn't matter.

"gay: cheerful and lighthearted; merry." - The American Heritage Dictionary.

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It's scary when I read

It's scary when I read things about dance shoes and know exactly what the person is talking about. I don't dance. My sister does. Congrats on the part, too!

My philosophy on gay vs. bi is... at that point, it doesn't really matter, does it? The best attitude is just to work with whoever you're in love in... forget about gender. Love doesn't come from labels; labels come from love.

Whatever I did, I didn't do it.

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i know what all the differet

i know what all the differet types of dance shoes are that you mentioned except the character shoes--- what are they?
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