She wants to break up with me, she said so herself.

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Last night we got into this fight and I knew she wasn't telling me something so I asked her about it. I knew what was wrong cuz she hasn't really been happy very much lately and she said that she just wanted to be friends but then I kept telling myself I wouldn't cry and after twenty minutes of trying to tell her I understood I totally broke down. I told her I didn't want to be friends but if that was what made her happy then I was willing to do it and I still am. So we got off the phone cuz she had to think and she called back twenty minutes later and asked me if she could have me back and I said no because I didn't want to put her through any more shit. Somehow she decided that whether or not I was officially dating her was one thing but to her we were still together. So we are back together.

She is my first girlfriend and I treat her like shit. I know I'm young but I really do love her and I think she's the one whether my family likes it or not. I'm just not sure how to treat a girl in a relatioship, so I know I'm really not the best but I try. Please post and try to help me with some of this even if it's just pep talk. Gotta go eat.