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so I figured I'd post something a little more happy to get rid of my somewhat melodramatic first post, so here's a small snippet of my day at work yesterday.

our company (which will remain nameless as to protect the innocent) has been receiving suspicious phone calls from outside the company. it's part of some phishing scheme where the caller will get names and information to use in their own company to sell us stuff. anyways...

I am working away on some assignment when my boss comes up to my desk and says, "If anyone by the name of Louisa calls, give me the phone."

odd, I think. no less than five seconds after my boss says this to me the phone rings.

[by the way, I'm taking out all the names mentioned, even my own, as to protect the innocent.]

Me: Leadership Development, this is [%%] speaking.
"Louisa": Oh hello [%%]! This is "Louisa" from the UK (caller has a somewhat fake British accent).
Me: Hi. Could you hold on for one second? [I'm motioning to my boss to come over]
[My boss interjects]
Boss: Who is it?!
Me: It's "Louisa".
[Boss picks up the phone]
Boss: Hello, "Louisa"! Hello? "Louisa"??

20 minutes later, the phone rings again...

Me: Leadership Development, this is [%%] speaking, how may I help you?
"Nancy": Oh hello, [%%], this is Nancy. How are you today?
Me: I'm fine, thanks.
"Nancy": [%%], could you tell [$%&] still the VP of O.D.?
I think that it's highly suspicious that she's asking this, seeing as if she was in the company, she can look at one of the breakdown charts.
Me: I wouldn't know that, I don't work with him.
"Nancy": Oh. Is this [*#@]'s line?
Me: No, this is [$%&]'s line.
"Nancy": Oh...well, is this [*#@] speaking?
"Nancy": Oh. Is this [^&%] speaking?
Me: .....No.
"Nancy": Well, whom am I speaking with??
Me: This is [%%].
"Nancy": Oh, well...goodbye then. *click*

2 hours later...

Me: Leadership Development, this is [%%] speaking.
"Barbara": Oh hello, [%%], could I speak to [!@$]?
Me: Hold on one second please.
Once again, I'm suspicious because "Nancy", "Barbara", and "Louisa" sound *very* much alike. My boss picks up...

Boss: Hi, "Barbara", how are you?
Boss: You've had a lot of different names today, haven't you?
Boss: Didn't you call earlier and say your name was "Louisa"?
Boss: Okay. Hey "Barbara", how do you spell your last name?
Boss: How do you spell your last name?
Boss: You're not in the company directory.
Boss: Well who do you work for then?
Boss: He has no direct reports. Nobody works for him.

yes. all actual calls. people are scum...trying to take people's identities for their own profit.


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hehehe I'm commenting all of

hehehe I'm commenting all of your posts

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I see :)

(I want to pluck
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