South of Nowhere FTW!!!

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I need to replace the batteries in my mouse. But, I'm finally starting on South of Nowhere! Huzzah! I'm not even all the way through the pilot, and I know that Ashley's hot, and that, after a bunch of L.A. montages and random cuts of stuff and a very strange dream sequence.... know what? It's still about a thousand times better than Jenny's carnival montages of d00m™. SQUEE. (But honestly, is that the SAME row of palm trees from The L Word?)

Plus, I was thinking about the real lack of homophobia at my school, for the most part, and I'm really happy about it.

But I'm sort of depressed that I finished the really good bar of Belgian chocolate that Maddie gave me but I don't have any more, and I have to return to stupid American chocolate... *cry*

Band practice tomorrow. Met our bassist online tonight. I think he thinks I'm really weird because, in band tradition, I offered him erotica. Ah well, I'll convince him I'm semi-normal tomorrow (or at least good enough on keyboard that my insanity can be excused. And I'm bringing him a friggin' bass, so he can't complain... is anyone but me a little bemused by a bassist who doesn't own a bass?)

//EDIT//: geez, I completely forgot to mention the hour or so I spend with Leanna in the basement of Virgin Megastore, where the somehow have a few shelfs of GLBT books, sex books, and erotica... XDD Thanks to Ruby's comment for reminding me.


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"Jenny's carnival montages of DOOM"???
(i am so sick of the L-Word by now, but girl, u CRACK me UP!)

oh, and between u and i, anyone who doesn't appreciate good erotica is just... not worth knowing.

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south of nowhere is awesome.

SON is way awesome. well anyways, your band offers erotica to the newbs???? how did that tradition come about????


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Haha... no the band doesn't,

Haha... no the band doesn't, I do XD. The conversation went something like this--
them: *link to 4-chan*
me: 4-chan... doesn't that have porn on it?
them: yeah, some...
me: hey, want some erotica?
them: *cricket*
me: jkjk! want some?

Hehe........ good times ^^

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