Start of Something New?

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I have in my hand an executive summary of GLSEN School Climate Survey for 2005. It didn't take me long to spot and to decipher the key messages of the report. Three Quarters of pupils had heard remarks such as faggot or dyke. The expressions such as “that’s so gay” or “you’re so gay,” are used commonly used to refer someone or somethings stupid or worthless. I will be difficult to exempt myself from contributing to the problems. While the media also pointed out that gay community is also blame over its obsession with youth.

While gay characters are no longer used exclusively to convey stereotypes, but gay adolescence characters have noticeably absent from our TV screens. Kevin (Brothers and Sisters) may be brushing up against cliche on a few occasions, but he was portrayed in a more or less complete picture what includes career, family life and love. A notable exception is Nathan (Queer as Folk), who may be a teen boy, but he was portrayed in an adult context. It is my belief that gay young adult or gay adult may have a better time find a character or characters which are appropriate representation of themselves. These representations may in turn provide entertainment, if not inspiration to both gay and straight alike.

While I really enjoy Queer as Folk, but I think Nathan cannot hold up as a role model. Regardless to the accuracy of representation, his character represents at risk youth and extreme case. His presence in the series can only serve a reminder to adult of how to relate to youth. As I watched a few clips from high school the musical, I ponder if it is an appropriate platform for presenting the issues of coming of age for GLBT and Questioning Youths. What I am certain it is an opportunity missed for not doing so.