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I've done almost nothing this summer. I haven't even been in the pool that much. Summer feels like it's only been 2 weeks not a month and a little bit.
This summer has been good for me. I went through some major break downs and i'm still going through some crap but my friends weren't around because they were on vacation or just occupied by other things and it showed me that i don't necessarily need them as much as i think i do.
I've learned i can handle stuff on my own which is really good.
But it's not good at the same time because i've been rather inward and just been pushing everyone else away which isn't good.
I just felt like telling you all because i don't know.
You guys are the only ones i've been really venting to and that hasn't even been as much as some people would expect it to be.

I also finally came up with a title for my book.. i've been writing bits here and there and i know the major story line and all the characters.of course it's GLBT themed.. but i'm kinda working on the title but i'm kinda liking the title The Oasis Journals


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I'd better go throw a tm after the new name of the site... :-)


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put oh wait jeff.. i believe

put oh wait jeff.. i believe it's still called Oasis Magazine.. well according to the logo thing..
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There's nothing wrong with

There's nothing wrong with having periods of introspection. You just need to be able to spot the difference between introspection and depression. If you're feeling good about it, there's nothing wrong with that. It's good to come to the realization that you actually like your own company. :)

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