There should be a blue moon tonight....

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that's how rarely i am stressed and/or pissed off.



okay, so my story begins with last night. so, around eight, my friend R calls me to ask if i'd like to go take pictures with him, because I helped with his eagle scout project. it's early, but that's okay because i'd be up early anyway. so i have my morning planned.

at TEN, when i'm tired and irritable, my friend K calls, and informs me, doesn't ask me if i'd like to, in-forms me that i'm going on the riverwalk with she and R after we take pictures. she doesn't tell me what time, how long we'll be there, vaguely mentions something about dinner at 7:30 PM but nothing other than that. she also leads me to believe this was R's idea, and he hadn't informed me of it yet, so....needless to say, I was irritated. But i let it slide, informing my father i didn't know what time i'd be home tomorrow. he's all right with this, trusting me like he does.

so, i awake this morning, get some breakfast in me, and wait for R to pick me up. R picks me up and we head out to the school where he'd been doing his project. I proceed to fuss at him for not telling me about the riverwalk. he then tells me that it was K's idea, and he didn't really have a choice in the matter.*

*This is why: K is an only child, extremely spoiled, even if she says she isn't, and seems to assume the entire world revolves around her, and we just do whatever she says. being the nice people, we let her go along with her little fantasy until she gets out in the real world, and realizes people aren't always going to do what she says. the big thing about her is, she doesn't bother to ask if this is okay, she informs you of what she's doing. I don't mind when friends want to do stuff, but maybe i'm crazy, i like it when friends ask if it's okay, even if they know it is. it's the principle of the matter. taking advantage of things like that is just plain rude.

so we take pictures, and R tells me that K wanted to go to the riverwalk at THREE O'CLOCK. by this point, it's nine in the morning, and already hot and humid. so, three would be murder on us. besides, she declined to tell me this last night, so i just then found out i would have to spend the entire day with R and his family (i don't mind this, but I would've liked to have been told ahead of time). it's at this point that i realize i'm going to have to put a stop to this. so i try to call K, over....and over....and over....and over again. she does not answer her phone. i go to lunch with R and his family, which was very enjoyable actually and I was able to forget about why i was waiting. we get back to R's house, and i try to call her once more. no such luck.

at TEN TO THREE, R and I are watching tv in his room, when K calls and informs us she's going to help at band practice (she quit band last fall) and once again informs us that we will be meeting her and a mutual friend (i use the term lightly) at the riverwalk. did i mention that R's brother and my best friend (well, they're both my best friends, but you get the idea) has a cross-country meet at five? that we're now both about to miss, because we lack the capacity to say no?

anyway, so we wait around....again. at about four-thirty, R looks out the window and notices a huge black stormcloud heading our way. so needless to say, we cancel our riverwalk plans and wait for K's inevitable call. she calls....of course, and informs us (again) that we'll be doing something else. we decide to meet at this bagel shop that's near R's house. we get there, and we wait....and wait....they're fifteen minutes late when they call (and by this point the bagel shop's closing) so we meet outside, and then decide to meet at the mall.

by this point i'm EXTREMELY irritated and EXTREMELY stressed (two things I rarely am) so i have to fight to keep my cool. I inform her that i tried to call her about six times, and she *ahem* informs me that i called her once. i know how many times i called her. and it wasn't once.

so, by now i'm steaming. i rant and rave to poor R on the way to the mall, but manage to calm down enough when we get there. we go to the food court, and K then proceeds to almost completely ignore me and talk only to R (i'm jealous i'm sorry).

i finally convince R that I need to go, so we leave.

am i a horrible person for thinking this? i feel like it.

if you have read this entire thing, I applaud you, and i would see a doctor for sake of your mental health.


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My, she's spoiled! I mean,

My, she's spoiled! I mean, telling people how many calls did they did, I say! You have all the reason to be mad, and she changing the plans like 3 times a day and being late? I would be like 10x madder than you!

" . . . The sun does not shine upon this fair earth to meet frowning eyes, depend upon it." Charles Dickens

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i was too tired to be really

i was too tired to be really angry. besides, she's still my friend.

These gots peanuts and soap in 'um!

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You are patient, even if you

You are patient, even if you were tired, she gave you more than enough reasons to be mad.

" . . . The sun does not shine upon this fair earth to meet frowning eyes, depend upon it." Charles Dickens