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If you're into horror flicks, why not go and watch the live action Bratz movie that's coming out? That should be more than enough to make you scream. O.O

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I know! Ick.

I know! Ick.

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Bratz are horrible and the

Bratz are horrible and the movie is going to be worse. I've told my step-mom that she can't buy my step-sister Bratz dollz and that she can't let her have them because they are WHORES! honestly we are suppose to be trying to teach the next generation of kids values and respect for their bodies and such but how can we do that when the majority of dolls they (the girls) are playing with are dressed like hookers like some of the clothes are kinda cute and i wouldn't mind seein a real chick where them but they aren't age appropriate for little girls! And Bratz are one of many dolls like that..
Worst idea ever to make the dolls into a movie.
~~~Fear is only a verb if you let it be.. don't you dare let go of my hand~~~

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Yup, I totally agree with

Yup, I totally agree with you.

I was reading the box of one of them (my sister has a few but luckily she lost them) and it was some sort of sporty bratz. It said, "It doesn't matter whether you win or lose, just as long as you look good doing it." ARGH! Now we're teaching them that fashion is the only important thing in life

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Is that even legal?! " . . .

Is that even legal?!

" . . . The sun does not shine upon this fair earth to meet frowning eyes, depend upon it." Charles Dickens

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Brats are evil.

Burn them all I say!
Rable!! Rable!! Rable!!

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Lol. South park!

Lol. South park!

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You get

a cookie for watching and knowing the south park reference.

*Gives cookie*

Theres more cookies when you finish your south park.

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I would never let my child

I would never let my child buy a toy called "Bratz"

Being a brat ISN'T A GOOD THING!

I just...don't even understand it. Uch.
What happened to Barbie? I loved Barbie. That was fun.

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Barbie has turned into a

Barbie has turned into a whore too.. not as much as one as BRATZ and stuff but she's no longer that innocent little thing she used to be.
I went looking for a toy doll for my step sister and all the barbie, bratz type ones were barely wearing clothes and just didn't send the right message.
~~~Fear is only a verb if you let it be.. don't you dare let go of my hand~~~

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But I love Bratz...

not really. lol. Actually, the guy who created the Bratz (yes of course it was a man.) had previously worked for the Barbie company.

Isn't it sad that this is our society? I mean, come on. I suppose it's never too early to teach your daughter to be a slut....

"So you found a girl who thinks really deep thoughts.
Whats so amazing about really deep thoughts?"

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My little sister is

My little sister is genuinely interested in seeing that movie. She is twelve. I swear, one of us has got to be adopted or illegitimate or something.

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As a target for ridicule

As a target for ridicule it's too low, guys. Slagging off a kids film is like kick boxing a child- yes, you'll win, but why would you want to?

It's just a kids film. I'm sure it's no less assinine than the films I watched as a child- Homeward Bound, Spice Girls Movie, Land Before Time etc
And thousand of musicals- they were good though.

Bratz dolls do make me quite uncomfortable. But then when I was a kid I had my obsession with hookerish make-up and hair jewels (anyone remember them?) and body glitter. It was all about exagerated femininity- because we were nowhere near being actual women yet. Sitting in friend's bedrooms reading magazines (started with Girl Talk, then we graduated to Mizz and Bliss and then Sugar) painting our nails stupid colours, wearing hair-mascara or wash in wash out hair dye and (ugh) home-made face-masks. It wasn't a great intellectual persuit, but it was the first glimpse of what we thought grown-ups did.

I dislike the particular pastiche of femininity that the Bratz dolls embody- but then watch MTV and you can see where it's come from- the toy company is reflecting not creating, that's the sad part. And it's not that much worse than Barbie really. Surely other girls can identify with my make-up/ hair crimping*/ nail painting pre-teen rituals?

*ha, hair crimping. I'm so old. Not first wave mid-80s hair crimping. I'm a child of the 90s. I had a pair of curling tongs though- it still looked stupid.

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First off Homeward Bound and

First off Homeward Bound and all of it's movies to follow were pretty good... they instilled good lessons just as the Land Before Time ones did until there were like 15 and it got old and boring. The Spice Gurl movie was the stupidest thing alive but it's soo fun to watch now a days.
Me and my friends played outside and at my one friends house everytime i'd put on one rollerblade in her basement and use a hockey stick and wheel myself around. We played air hockey and street hockey.
I do remember using Kool-Aid or something like for dying my hair. Also stick on sticker earrings were the coolest because you didn't just wear them on your ears you wore them in the corners of your eyes.
~~~Fear is only a verb if you let it be.. don't you dare let go of my hand~~~

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Yeah, or you'd wear them

Yeah, or you'd wear them like a bindi on your forehead. Stick-on gems were the best.

I mean we didn't just sit around doing make-up; I used to go cycling a lot and I remember we were always working on this fake magazine piss take thing- with bitchy real life stories/ problem pages, stupid horescopes and fake beauty tips. And so many stupid dance routines- back in the day when songs had dance routines to go with them. Plus me and my sister would put on plays- but that was more when we were younger children.

The Bratz movie sounds like you're typical pre-teen nonsense- all believe in yourself and friends forever stuff.
I might have gone in for that sort of thing when I was the target age, although my 10 year old sister (under the influence of me and my other sister) doesn't really. Her favourite film is 'Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?' But my favourite films as a kid were universally musicals.

Part of being a child is that all your entertainment is rather second rate. Except the books- children's writers got good again for our generation; reading Phillip Pulman probably reversed any damage done to my brain by too much coloured hair spray and glitter eyeshadow.

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Big heads, little bodies -

Big heads, little bodies

- One Nation, Under Darkness, with liberty and justice for white, heterosexual, rich, Christian men

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An unavoidable sign of the apocalypse.
Is it too late to take up religion?
'How can I tell,' said the man, 'that the past isn't a fiction designed to account for the discrepancy between my immediate physical sensations and my state of mind?'

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*Hands bible*

Get reading....I stay away from them at all costs however because....well

Leviticus 20:13....ya, I'm afraid the bibles going to grow fangs and start trying to eat me.