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It is kind of late,and I should be going to bed soon,but I am wide awake.I haven't actually done anything all day to make me even remotely tired.I'm also listening to music which tends to wake me up.

My family are on holidays so it is just me left at home.I actually miss them and they are only gone one day.They drive me crazy,but then when there not around I actually miss them.All my friends were working today so I didn't even have anyone to hang out with.It got kind of lonely I must say.Sometimes I like to just be alone,as in locked away in my room alone,but with other people around the house.

I spent nearly all day watching the L word.I watched the first season,which in my opinion was by far the best.The second was really good too but after that I don't enjoy it as much.I tend to just watch Shane's parts on youtube.

Hmm I don't know what else to write about now.I think I'll do some shopping tomorrow.I need to buy a birthday present.It will also break the boredom of being home alone.I was meant to meet up with one of my friends tomorrow,but she has cancelled,yet again.I haven't seen the girl in three months!Everytime we arrange to meet up she cancels for a ridiculus reason,and it is always her suggestion to meet up in the first place!We go to college together,and all year I helped her out with her assignments and stuff.It kind of annoys me because it seems like I am good enough to cling to all year for help,but now that its Summer I am not worthy of a shopping trip.Hmm I'm kind of bitching now so I'm going to stop!

Ok I'll stop writing now because I have nothing else to say.