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today was ok, I guess. somewhat sucky, though.

woke up to rain pattering on my window. took a shower, ate breakfast and had my cup o' joe. then waited for my train, which was late, in the rain (sounds like a scene from a bad movie). sat on said train with people who generally don't want to be there. :D

got wet...umm...once I actually got to work I waited like 7 minutes for an elevator in the lobby...

got to my desk to be greeted by slightly bitchy Monday to Wednesday Boss. made a shitload of copies...did crappy expense reports...which I could not concentrate on, because I preoccupied with thinking about a certain know who you are ;D

burned myself TWICE at lunch. I was eating cup noodles and I flicked my fork up by accident and got burned, then burned my tongue on said noodles.

in other news, I made people generally weirded out by taking pictures in the station while waiting to go home. I deleted most of them, there's one on my deviantART site though:


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:) I know who that is... Me!

:) I know who that is... Me! Thank You :)