trendy gay haircuts

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I want a new haircut. Maybe short. But I don't want it all dykey. I want something stylish and neat. No mullets.

So I'm searching the net for a website with some ideas: none. All the short haircuts are either too out-there or too ugly. There's no specifics for lesbian or gay. I know, right? what the hell.

I figured there might be a few of you who care to browse similar styles as well, so if you guys have any shots of some killer haircuts, you just post them right on here! Or even links are beautiful.

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why not start your OWN

why not start your OWN trend.

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Ohhhh, good idea!

Ohhhh, good idea!

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here are my top picks

im quite fond of cutting my hair short, and here's what ive tried so far:

1. posh's bob. it's short but you wont be mistaken as gay or anything.

2. keira knightley's haircut when she played domino.omg i loove this cut! you can dress either as a hot hot girl or a hot guy, and no one will judge you cuz it's really cute! (well, at least in my case i wasnt)

3. natalie imbruglia's 'do. it's like keira's, but hers is a bit longer.

4. haircut which was popularized by mia farrow. this one's hot as well

if you can notice, all of this has their hair on one side (it's because my hair was on one side too.haha), so i dunno how these 'dos will work if it has no side (i mean if your hair is cut at the center. y'know what i mean?i hope so.haha)

and this is the most important thing to keep in mind when having your hair cut short: don't have it really really short if your hair is thick and straight because the tendency is, it would turn wavy as it grows. but if you really want to cut it badly, have it thinned big-time! i swear! because mine is thick and straight and if i dont have it thinned, it turns wavy after 3 weeks or so, and then the hairstyle just turns into crap. so have it thinned okay? so there. have fun with your new haircut!

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Oh thank you! I appreciate

Oh thank you! I appreciate the pictures and advice.
And luckily, my hair is thin and wavy. So it'll behave, I think. I'll have to get a haircut that can mold to wavy.

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I simply bought a hairstyle

I simply bought a hairstyle magazine, and now I have the solution I've been searching for. I've many pictures of what I want.

So there we have it, go buy a hairstyle magazine.


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i just got my hair cut short

i just got my hair cut short (maybe 2 feet off). it now is poofy and wavy, layered but maybe 3 inches long. wish I had a sample pic--sounds like our hair is pretty similar. but i was really really happy with my cut.

best of luck with yours!

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