Twisted, by Laurie Halse Anderson

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So this book 'Twisted' by the writer of 'Speak' was dandy. However, it is about a straight boy. There isn't a lot of description. But the story and themes are what counts for it!

Twisted is about a boy named Tyler who goes from being a picked-on nerd type in the stereotype of the American Junior nerd to a much more attractive boy by summer's end. Why he gets attractive is revealed in the book. Just before school starts up, he winds up attracting his all-time, popular, beautiful, upper class crush who happens to be his dad's boss' daughter.

This shouldn't give much away, so it gets interesting IMO at the point where he and his crush are at a party and she gets drunk and tries to put the moves on him etc. etc. Some more happens, but he winds up being the good guy and telling her 'no' since it wouldn't be right while she's drunk. He also takes her home because she's incapacitated when the party gets shut down. Then someone posts dirty pictures of her from that night on the internet, her reputation is smashed and he starts off as the obvious good guy. Then he says too much and gets too concerned and things get 'Twisted' as his community assumes he violated the drunk, pinnacle-of-all girl.

He also has a sister, there's some side story dating bit there, he goes into suicide a bunch of times, his dad is edgy and a big development happens at the end. The word 'gay' gets used at least once, as does the word 'straight' but there's no attention drawn to anything GLBT. Still a nifty book.

Tyler as a character goes through a lot of development, the author's portrayal seemed like a stereotypical straight guy with few brain cells that can hardly speak when he sees breasts, buuuuut the deeper themes appear all the time. Those themes range from love to death to money, power, popularity, justice, injustice and more.

It wasn't amazing but for 250 pages in a large enough font that gripped me for a few hours when I was really mad last night, it was great. It's also fiction but not any fantasy or adventure going on.

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Yeah, I liked it too. I

Yeah, I liked it too. I don't have much to add. Laurie Halse ANderson is a pretty decent author, I think. This was her first book narrated by a guy.

Whatever I did, I didn't do it.