We Will Rock You!

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So... my big adventure in Toronto today.. getting lost ALOT.... because we trusted my sister for directions...
I'm the person who has the best sense of direction, hates toronto, is sick, and the youngest so no one would listen to me and of course when i would say something it was right but it would be the last thing we'd do.
I saw the musical We Will Rock You today... it was GREAT!!
I also know why i love... but hate Toronto... the book stores... like even teh regular Chapters/Indigo.. i walk into the teen section first 3 books i see-- Getting It, Parrotfish, and Keeping You A Secret.
I ended up buying Same Sex in the City, Hello Groin, and ParrotFish... so now i have even more books on my reading list but it's all good... i like having a stack i don't have to worry about going out when i'm done a book because there's another one right there.
I rode the subway-- it's fun of course..
Thats all for now... driving home tomorrow--- London!!!!!! well London is one of our stops to go to the University of Western Ontario (where i hope to go in 2 years) and get another sweatshirt... the one i have right now is about 4 years old and looks worse then homeless people's clothes. *No offence to homeless people*