weird dream.

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figured I'd share my story of a rather unusual dream I had a few nights ago.

so I am walking under a highway overpass, in a somewhat deserted section of town, towards a bench. There's this boy sitting on this bench, and it's a boy I've had a big crush on, we'll call him Jay. I walk towards Jay, and sit down next to him. All of a sudden, we're laying side by side on the bench, I have my arm draped over his side (in a spooning position, yes, we had clothes on), and I'm holding his hand, all while whispering in his ear, "It's okay. I'll take care of you, I promise", and kiss the back of his head. He's not crying or anything, just trying to go to sleep.

I hear someone yell in the distance, it's my mom. She beckons me over, so I apologize to my crush and rush over to her. She's angry, and she says this to me: "Do me a favor and don't ever hold that boy's hand again." I get angry and run off, towards this tunnel, only to be chased out by rabid bees. (yes. bees.) I run back towards mom, Jay is gone (I think the bench disappeared). She's now having a lively conversation with my boss. My boss suddenly says something that offends my mother. I forget what happens after that, but I remember getting into my aunt's car and driving off.

All this is taking place during the evening, right around sunset.

Weird, isn't it?? I took my mom scolding me to be some foreshadowing to my thoughts of coming out...and Jay being there obviously represents my attraction towards him, right?

why don't you guys share your weird dreams with me?


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Bees can be either prospects

Bees can be either prospects of work, harmony or tranquility. But if rabid, they might represent fear of being scolded because of something, which completely accords to your mom scolding you in the dream. Just thought i would let you know.

I've had this recurring dream for many years, first I am walking in a road near the city, at sunset, and as darkness starts spreading through the fields, I arrive at this gate, where there is a Sphinx as gatekeeper. I cross the gate, and follow a little rock road through a garden -nice, yet wild-. Then, suddenly, I hear voices, people is coming at me: I hide behind a bush, and let them walk by. Then I go out to the garden, the garden I've always wanted. Wild, dark, cold, full of wind, trees and flowers thrown into chaos, as the dawn passes, and an eerie light sets down on the garden. I sit down in a bench, and just see the garden around me, when, suddenly, things, like lights, pop out of nowhere and engulf me, they are dark lights. Then I find myself, leaning in a huge window, seeing a view of buildings and lights, with a drink in my hands, I'm wearing a black suit. I am totally alone, but I feel fine. I just walk down to a chair sofa, and then the dreams goes different every time. I know, it's not that weird, but a friend (who is a psychiatrists) helped me analyze it, and why, it was really insightful.

" . . . The sun does not shine upon this fair earth to meet frowning eyes, depend upon it." Charles Dickens

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Ionce had a dream that I was

Ionce had a dream that I was straight. It was fucking weird. Aaaand also there were penguins involved. And the Phantom of the Opera.

Whatever I did, I didn't do it.