Well, I guess I won the Shaving Wars

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My mom and I have been involved in this whole battle over whether I should shave my legs or not. She told me that I had to either shave my legs or wear pants all of the time, and I decided to wear pants. It's been a couple of weeks now.

A few hours ago, my mom told me that she had bought me a pair of capris, and that she was giving me permission to wear capris and shorts again, and let me make my own personal choice about it. Yay! I love you, Mommy! *hugs* :D

Should I brag about this or something? Um, okay. I won! I won! W00t!

Okay, bragging over now.

I don't really feel like bragging. I'm just glad this whole stupid thing is over with.

But anyways, on a different topic, my mom's been buying me clothes recently for no reason at all. She bought me a couple of nice-looking shirts a few days ago, and she got me a pair of capris and some pants today. She told me she bought the shirts because I have a bunch of band/logo T-shirts and such, and she wants me to wear nicer-looking stuff. The shirts really aren't my style. They have the "layered look." You know those clothes that have a piece of cloth sewn under the neckline, so that it looks like you're wearing another shirt underneath them? She got me a couple of those shirts. They're nice shirts and all, but I just... I probably won't ever wear them, unless I have to go to a formal occasion or something. They're just not my style, I guess.

Plus, she's been handing me Macy's and Newport News catalogs so that I could look at them. Does she want me to start shopping with her again or something? She used to take me out shopping all of the time, even when I insisted she didn't. That's why I have so many clothes now that I need a closet AND a dresser. I don't know why I've never really been keen on shopping. It's just one of those things, I guess. Finally, my mom stopped taking me out shopping, because my dresser was practically overflowing.

Then I got my room redone, and she had a closet built in my room. So now I have more than enough room for all of my clothes, and apparently she's buying me more, only she's not actually taking me along on these shopping trips. Why? Why is she doing this?

Why do so many women like shopping so much, anyway? I've never really understood it. What's so great about picking out a bunch of clothes, trying them on, then discovering the shirt you thought was really cool-looking was too tight, going to get a bigger size, then trying on a pair of pants and deciding they make you look fat, then finding a pair of pants that make you look really, really good, but then looking at the price tag and fainting? It just seems like a lot of hassle to me.

My friend H says I need to politely tell my mom, "Hey, Mom, I like my shirts, so stop buying more for me." I really do need to. I'm afraid of hurting her feelings, though. Ugh. I am such a wimp.


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Hm... it almost sounds like

Hm... it almost sounds like she wants to get you to dress "normal" or girly or something. Which sucks. But remember, you won about the shaving... probably if you tell her that you like your clothes, that you have more than enough, and (this'll help) that if/when you need something new, you'll go shopping with her, she'll lay off a bit.

At least, its worth a try, right?

Whatever I did, I didn't do it.

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Yay, you won the battle!

Yay, you won the battle!

And about the clothes..well, sounds like she really wants a feminine daughter. Just stick to what you like, okay? And it sounds horrible, but maybe don't wear what she buys you. That way, she'll eventually give up. AND she'll stop wasting money on clothes you don't even want. My mom used to pressure me into buying feminine clothes, but I never wore them. They just sat into my closet until I outgrew them and gave away brand new clothes to poor little girls. I felt good about giving girls the clothes they've always wanted but could never have, but my mom didn't like that I 'wasted' her money. Anyway, me and my mom started that whole pretty clothes vs. comfy/boy clothes battle back in, um, maybe freshman year. I'm now graduated, and I wear what I want. I get to choose my clothes and she only twitches just a little bit now. She doesn't go all raging monkey on me anymore. Oh, and sometimes she doesn't even twitch! Depending on her mood and the price. Haha. Well, goodluck and stay strong.

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Yaaay, you won! Go you!!! ^^

Yaaay, you won! Go you!!! ^^ ouch about the clothes, though. Look, if she insists on you getting clothes, then go with some friends. I never liked shopping, but shopping with friends can actually be a fun experience, and it's far better than shopping with your mom or wearing what she buys you. (This, too, I know from experience. Ergh.)

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wow. wow. She got a closet

wow. wow. She got a closet BUILT for your clothes? wow. wow. Anyway yeah that would make me feel realllllly bad, like when my mom bought me like $15 worth of makeup last year, I felt bad because she was so gung ho about it since she thought I was into that stuff FINALLY... she gets so excited.

I like shopping. If it's not my money.
You should tell her that you like the clothes,, but to stop, ASAP before she gets her hopes up too much.
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Congrats on the shaving. I

Congrats on the shaving. I only did that in my youth (mostly the pits.), because I used to be stupid and not have my own mind. I cut it out in my early 20's. Social customs can go where the sun don't shine, thank you.

As for the clothes. . .uh. . .sounds like someone is doing some vicarious living through you. You could ask her, and remind her that your life is yours , her life is hers, and never the twain shall meet. Get all philosophical about it, as opposed to having defensive aires.

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She's probably concerned you're going to become one of those mannish lesbians that dress like a lumberjack.


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