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I saw her last night... :) There's no rest for the wicked... Apparently, I'm the reason she's going to hell. But that's okay...if you're gunna sin a little, you might as well sin a lot...If you're going to hell, go there for a good reason...Hopefully, I get to see her today...Maybe, maybe not. Her mother is being a whorebag. (wow, there's a word I haven't used in a long time) But I'm still terribly excited. We hung out in front of my house for almost 2 hours...From 11 to almost 1 am...And nobody noticed when I had to sneak back into the house. Of course, my parents knew I was out there, but after that, they went to bed...Haha. Such trusting fools...Anyways...Last night was good. Tonight might be good too. More sinning maybe?