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I've got a deadline here and I'm watching "Edge of Seventeen" on Logo and listening to Animal Collective.

Summer reading. Not so hard, but when all you want to do is waste time on carefree things, or even things more creative for my brain, it seems like the hardest thing you have to do. I'm so close to done, though. I've finished both novels [well I sparknoted the last few chapters of the stupid Invisible freaking Man] and wrote my share about the Bible. We have to write a letter to our teacher about the reading we had to do. So know I have to finish writing about the novels, and read and write about three different essays by different authors.

This girl in "Edge of Seventeen" looks like brunette Emily Haines.

I don't think I mentioned this in my last entry, but C's mom has finally complied and enabled C to spend the night. So she's spent the night a couple times since last week. Nothing dirty. Just a lot of making out. Don't be too disappointed.

This is a fairly mundane entry. C and I are on for our date tonight. Expect an entry after that.


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Have a good time! Oh and

Have a good time!

Oh and Animal Collective are great. What was the other novel you had to read? Prescribed reading is horrible.

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I had a list I could choose

I had a list I could choose from. I chose "Angela's Ashes" and "The Invisible Man" [which I hated]. Angela's Ashes was amazing though. Probably the best summer reading book I've ever had. But the Invisible Man was pretty much unbearable. I get mixed reviews on that book. Some people like it, a lot don't. It's more like reading a really uninteresting essay where he ponders everything and everything goes wrong. It takes him 5 pages to get through one damn thought. It's terrible. Have you read either?

The other stuff we had to read wasn't so bad though. We had a choice of authors whose essays we had to read [3 minimum] and I found an interesting piece by John Locke on thoughts [I read about "simple thoughts"]. And then we had to read part of the Bible. I read about half and could still write 3/4 of a page on it. So I'm set.

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Have fun! Spoil C! I agree

Have fun! Spoil C!

I agree with Lol-taire, prescribed reading sucks. I usually recommend Sparknoted, British Encyclopedia entries on authors and novels, and reading 1/3 of the book (e.g. all chapters that are divisible by 3), I've never flunked anything with that technique.

" . . . The sun does not shine upon this fair earth to meet frowning eyes, depend upon it." Charles Dickens

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Haha I'm going to try that

Haha I'm going to try that sometime. I used sparknotes for the last few chapters of the Invisible Man. Thank god for sparknotes. I hated that book.