WTF is up with ex girlfriends.......

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What is up with ex-girlfriends. I am so sick of ex-girlfriends. First it was mine, going after my girlfriend. Now, now it's my girlfriends ex going after her. This is where I need help, advice, something. I love her with all my heart, soul, and everything else. I no longer have a heart, because it belongs to her, every part of it. She loves me, she loves me so much, and I know that. But.....she doesn't know what she feels for her ex, who claims to love her more than a friend. She wants to figure it out, but she doesn't want to break up with me, cheat on me, or take another break. We neeeeeeeeed to figure out something. She says that she'll just forget about it, forget about her friend, ignore her, and never see or talk to her again. I don't want that, because that will hurt her. It will hurt my girlfriend, who I don't want to be hurt. I think it is inevitable, someone is going to hurt. I know I hurt now, and will no matter what, because I don't want to see my baby hurt. But seriously, is there anything, anything at all that anyone can suggest. I'd really appreciate it.


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Just tell your girlfriend

Just tell your girlfriend that you really need her to talk to her friend. It would be better for all of you in the end. I know you don't want her friend to get hurt but as long as your with her, it's still going to sting. Pretty much the same thing is going on with my girlfriend right now but she's going to talk to her friend in like an hour and I don't know what will happen but with things like this all you can do is hope. Hope that helped a bit.

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