You are from...

17% (4 votes)
57% (13 votes)
4% (1 vote)
None of the above, I live somewhere else.
17% (4 votes)
None of the above, I've disowned my country.
4% (1 vote)
Total votes: 23


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Just out of curiosity. Now

Just out of curiosity. Now vote, or else I'll go thinking we're all Canadian.
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Dia dhuit (means hello)

I am Irish!
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US of A. *sigh* I was so

US of A. *sigh* I was so tempted to write "disowned my country"

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Mexico City, Mexico :O Yeah!

Mexico City, Mexico :O

Yeah! I have developed resistance to sooo many microorganisms and toxic substances :D, and I am still very much alive.

Naaah, I kinda like living here ... the only thing I hate is the constant "traffic jam" state of every avenue, street, dirt road, lost city, etc ...

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proud I am