Youth Groups???

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Okay so there's a youth group in my area and i really wanna go but i'm scared.. When i'm around people i don't know i'm very interverted and i don't say much.. once i know them i'm more outgoing and such.
I really wanna go to the youth group but what do they do at youth groups???
I was thinking of having a friend email someone at the youth group because i'm even afraid to contact someone asking what they do at the youth group and what ages it is mostly.. because i don't want to be the youngest there.
There are a coupl friends i could take but they are all going away except one and she's straight so ican't bring her to a gay youth meeting can i?


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Strip poker, spin the bottle, lingerie runway walks... nothing intimidating.

I can't say, personally, as I never went to a youth group, only ran my gay student group at university, hence we were all college students, and this was before ya'll were born, so...


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gay student grout at

gay student grout at university.. that sounds to me like drinking.. lol whenever anyone says anyhting about university groups i think about drinking..
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the drinking/clubbing/dancing/etc. was *after* the meeting.


"Be like a postage stamp. Stick to one thing until you get there." -- Josh Billings.

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Hmm. First of all, I highly

Hmm. First of all, I highly suggest going, I gained so much more confidence after I got up the courage to attend the youth group in my city. Personally, at the one I go to, we've got a weekly schedule that we all get together and set up once every couple of months... usually we watch a movie, or have a guest speaker, or do something creative like dance, theater or reading things we've written out loud. When it's nice outside we occasionally go outside and play games/do potluck sort of things. Usually afterwards we all go out for coffee, and then some of the over-eighteen people head out dancing/drinking/whatever.
Obviously, every one is different, but I found most of the people there to be wicked friendly and enthusiastic, and believe me, I'm *shy*. lol

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Go in with some shit ready to go, that you interviewed Julie Anne Peters, you write reviews for the most-popular and longest-running gay youth website online, etc.

Don't go in prepared to let them judge you, go in and immediately show their role is going to be catching up with you.

Of course, I don't think any of that is necessary. You already have a lot in common with them (hell, one of the things people used to ask in chat rooms was A/S/L, and you have all three going from the very beginning), and it should sort of be like how we try and run things on here. Be welcoming, supportive, friendly, and over time, you can meet people who will change your life.


"Be like a postage stamp. Stick to one thing until you get there." -- Josh Billings.

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This is kind of unrelated but...

People still say ASL.....asl? ^_^

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Age Sex Location..

Of course ppl still say it.. you stil have/want to know "what" the other person "is".. even though the majority of ppl lie when it comes to that ...
i didn't know what ASL meant for the longest time people would be like ASL, or LOL and i'm like ok there....
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I think i may go next

I think i may go next tuesday... but i'm scared as fucking hell..
I wish i knew like what to expect.. like what ages and stuff cuz all the people on their myspace are older... like almost 20ish older then 20. And like what they do... etc.
~~~Fear is only a verb if you let it be.. don't you dare let go of my hand~~~

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Ha, I'm pretty sure there's

Ha, I'm pretty sure there's a youth group at the teen center in my city... I don't know if I want to go. It's all high school kids, but it's mostly guys. If I did go it would be to meet girls. Sorry, no political activism for me. Hah.

Good luck with your group, I hope it works out okay. Keep us updated.

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Go! The queer youth center

Go! The queer youth center that I go to has a panel of GLBT youth that go around to different schools to promote diversity. I was sooo nervous about going. For example I sent an email about wanting to join, and then 2 hours later tried to unsend it because I was too nervous. I'm really glad it didn't work though. In my experience the people were really nice and friendly. I thought no one would talk to me espically because of how shy I am but I ended up making a couple friends. Definitely do it! You get to make friends in the queer community and have fun.
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my experience

i found that the people there were already in close groups and new each other well, so it might be hard to break into that. of course, that's no reason not to go, but don't expect miracles the first time.


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yes thats how I felt when I

yes thats how I felt when I first when to the attic but you find your way into one...