88-year-old lesbian comes out...

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Loraine Barr placed the typed, four-page essay in an envelope, sealed it, and then, for three days, wondered if she had the nerve to send it.

"Am I really ready for this?" she thought.

For years, Barr had enjoyed the "My Turn" reader essays in Newsweek magazine.

Now, she figured, was her turn.

Still, she wondered: What if they publish it?

Barr's essay was about a 44-year love affair she had kept from her parents, her relatives – even her dearest, closest friends.

"For heaven's sake," Barr said, recounting that day in May when she finally decided to mail off her essay. "I'm 88 years old. What difference does it make to anybody? It doesn't make a difference to anybody now."

Read the whole deal at http://www.ocregister.com/ocregister/homepage/abox/article_1837112.php

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That's a beautiful story! I

That's a beautiful story! I love the part: "Can you imagine?" he told Barr that night. "I wanted to see you more than I wanted to see my mother!" hahahahaha. Scary 1940s.

It's off-putting to think of myself as 60+ and gay hmm. Some photographer needs to do a montage with elderly, babies, youth, middle aged and mature people and ask what they all have in common and at the end have: We're not Straight. Ok, the babies may not apply, the youth might not all apply but I'd smile at an ad like that!

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That was such a cool

That was such a cool story!

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I never

Thought I would be that satisfied reading a romantic entanglement of a 88 year old woman.

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I read this in the most

I read this in the most recent newsweek... what a great story. It gives me hope- I'm sure I'll come out before I'm as old as she is. XP

Seriously though, it's so interesting to see how being a lesbian has evolved from this thing that was simply not talked about into a wonderful thing that (supposedly) you should be proud of. What a cool lady.

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(Aeneid 2.9)

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Wow. To think they stayed in

Wow. To think they stayed in the closet together for that long.

That's such a beautiful story though, It made my eyes water.

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For the first time in

For the first time in forever I think I cried. Damn, it gives hope.