Another Day, another...?

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Today we had our Service Faire. If your schools don't have them, it is an opportunity for people from different organizations to come and talk to students about their community work. It gives us ideas as to what we want to do to raise our service hours. Some of the things that those people do are simply amazing, and I admire them. One speaker talked about their shelter for battered and abused women and their children. I was honored that they had such a high opinion of us highschool students to let us work there. After what some of those people have gone through, it is simply amazing that they have any spirit left.
Another man discussed his organization, which provides a home and tutoring by volunteers (juniors and seniors in our case) for children whose parents have left them, or have been declared unfit for custody. I am impressed by those who can manage to fit in these one-on-one sessions every week. It is a huge responsibility.
As for myself and my friend, we represented the AIDS Walk (exciting). I think many people were actually interested, and we got about 1/5 of our school to sign up to walk. Now, all we have to do is organize carpools. Any ideas?
After school, I had Theatre. This year we are doing an adaptation of 'A Midsummer Night's Dream". I am nervous, but happy, too. I love to act, even if I don't consider myself very good. My character, Theseus, has been introduced to the German accent. I'm not sure how it will work out, because right now, I'm just trying on different skins to see which brings out the traits best.
Our director is simply fantastic. I can't even describe it. Fabulous, perhaps.
On a more sobering note, I have a crazy math test tomorrow. Wish me luck. However, I have PE tomorrow! Call me crazy, but I love PE. And good-looking soccer players. One female one in particular...