Because I'm Still Catching Up

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BOO! forty things about me! Betcha thought you'd seen the last of those, huh? Gahahahahahaha....

1) I've developed a special facial tick for people who do embarrassing things.

2) I was reading Harry Potter by myself in grade two

3) I've decided to learn Arabic to stop my brain from mushing

4) My writing style is developing so quickly that most stories I write only
have three months before I can't believe I wrote such trash

5) Eight Seconds, by Jean Ferris, was my first gay book ever

6) And I developed a crush on one of the main characters

7) I often develop crushes on fictional characters

8) Incidentally, Aladdin is really, really cute

9) I didn't like Geography Club at all

10) Homophobic slurs don't bother me

11) In fact, not a lot bothers me

12) When people try to bother me, everything just kind of goes numb

13) So most people give up after the first few days

14) Disney World, to me, seems like a mini version of the World State, but with elevator music instead of soma

15) Dollar Stores scare me

16) I think that movie sequels are the scourge of the Earth

17) that and slow walkers

18) When I'm bored, I correct people's grammar on MSN

19) My family barely goes to church at all

20) But when we do, I entertain myself by figuring out what key the hymns are in.

21) I want to write a novel

22) And I've come close many, many times

23) But the ideas all seemed to die on me

24) I really hope the one I have now won't

25) A lot of things I think of, upon an Internet search, are discovered to have already been thought of by somebody else

26) The only sport I'm good at is swimming

27) Teenage-oriented books, with the exception of few, are all worthless fluff
28) Speaking of which, I've also developed a facial tick for literary sod

29) Reality, to the best of my observations, appears to be a relative concept

30) Book reviewers, from what I've seen, are almost all Mary-Contraries, whose opinions of books are decided by what sounds the snappiest in a newspaper column

31) People are really, really awful at interpreting others

32) I hate being underestimated

33) I love being overestimated

34) Favourite books: Simon Says, The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy Books, Brave New World, Call Me By Your Name, and 1984

35) My mind, spirit, and body aren't always at speaking terms with each other

36) I'm not 100% sure I'll live to twenty-five

37) Carrot orange is such a nice colour, don't you think?

38) CBC Radio's Wiretap is the most melancholy piece of radio I've ever heard in my life

39) Empty and desolate. That's my favourite kind of place to be in. It gives me a nice, cold sense of peace.

40) When I realize I'm dreaming, and I can take control, I can always fly when I want to. It feels like breast-stroke, except higher in the air. Looking down on my town from the sky is amazing.


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Not sure how anyone but a 25-year-old could be 100% sure they're going to live to 25.

I tried reading Hitchhiker's, not for me. but BNW and 1984 are great.

"Be like a postage stamp. Stick to one thing until you get there." -- Josh Billings.

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Wow, you're amazing.

Wow, you're amazing. "Reality, to the best of my observations, appears to be a relative concept." This is one of the most profound and truthful things anyone has ever said. Thank you for making my day.