Bed Time

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I'm looking forward to going to bed soo much... i know that sounds extremely weird but do to some conversations *WINK WINK* (you know who you are) i'm gunna be dreaming amazing dreams... and i'm really hoping that person is sleeping with someone else tonight.....

But anyways. That was random and for someone on here, a certain somone who made my dad and made me smile!

I ran errands all day, it was fun. I got to drive!!!!!!! I love driving... i'm addicted to it. We went to lunch at Montana's, almost bought some furniture.
I've submitted like 5 resumes today... all the places i wanna work make you submit them online so that is what i've done, i've submitted them! Hopefully i'll get a response from at least one.. i really need a job.. ARGH!! If i don't hear from one in a month or so i'll print off a bunch of resumes and drop them off one day at a ton of different places.

I'm watching Madeline right now it's quit good! It used to be one of my favourite movies ever! I always loved movies that involved boarding school, adoption etc.--- Madeline, Parent Trap, Matilda etc.

I think im gunna go watch a movie with my mom now... hope yall are doing well.


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i don't know who you were having these alleged "conversations" with...
and i don't know what you're planning on "dreaming" about tonite...
but i hope you aren't thinking about s-e-x, little missy!!!
you know what happens to girls who are bad and naughty...

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Or do i??? Maybe i need a

Or do i??? Maybe i need a little refresher course.....

~~~Fear is only a verb if you let it be.. don't you dare let go of my hand~~~