best haircut decision of my life

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Old hair:
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New Hair:
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I have about a half hour for a post before duty calls and I have to go seat people, fetch drinks, and bus tables. I'll start with my hair. It's better than having long hair ever was or could be. It's easy to maintain and I can ultimately have a better look[s] with it. Just gel it a bit, muss it up, and I'm done. And I've gotten so many compliments on it. Beyond friends and family: I get strangers who ask me where I got my hair done. I used the restroom at school and when I went to wash my hands this girl tripped over how someone who cut their hair way short actually looks cute, hah.

I'll use that to connect to this: Pride was in my town last weekend! I didn't know about it until I was off work [which was, luckily, early in the day]. S called me and told me there was some kind of a "gay bonanza" going on at a park downtown [two blocks from where I work] so I walked down. Thrilled! So the connection to my hair was that there was a modeling agency and the girl working it highly complimented my hair, told me I had model potential, and soon enough I was filling out a little sheet that got them to call me if they had any open auditions.

So last night they called me for a last minute audition today. So I took it, and I will be driving down to see if they dig my hair too.

But back to Pride, they had a booth for the Rainbow Alliance, which hosts the Youth Empowerment group I went to. So they had their own booth as well, and what they were doing was handing out numbers to people to wear on their shirt or whatever, and you could go back later and look at a board where all the numbers were listed and see if anyone left you a note. It's cute. So this girl pops out at me and is like "Please take a number, you are cute and I want to leave you a note" haha. So flattered as hell, I took the number and went back later to read my note: "You are so cute, have a great day. From a very forward dork." Aww.

I haven't written much since school got in. It's not busy, but at the same time it is. I have two art projects due every two weeks [AP, baby] but that's the most consistent homework I have besides math, maybe. Really, the load is light.

Alright, that's all I have for now.


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very cute!


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You kind of look like my gf

You kind of look like my gf lol. Very beautiful!

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Hair's great. And the note

Hair's great. And the note you got was totally cute, lol!

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