Better Than Chocolate

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So I just watched "Better Than Chocolate" for the first time. Oh, my. Judy and Frances made me cry. You know that scene at the end? I couldn't help it.

"Judy? I love you."



Anyone else seen this? Am I being overly sentimental and romantic, or was that a really, really good movie?


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No your not being overly

No your not being overly sentimental it was such a great movie well still is. I love the opening scene well in the bar not where shes bout ta get beat thats not good at all. The part of them in the trailer gettin towed away as there about to have sex is just so funny i love it.
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I enjoyed that movie too!!It

I enjoyed that movie too!!It was funny and sweet!!

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Aw I sooooo want to see that

Aw I sooooo want to see that movie. I've seen clips. Like where they paint their bodies [same movie, right?] I'm looking forward to seeing it

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Better than Chocolate

I love that movie! Kim and Maggie are adorable. Check that. Kim is sexy and Maggie is adorable.