Brokeback Mountain: Not Gay Enough

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Knocked Up Deleted Scene:

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Thats awesome, so funny.

I'm going to see Brokeback Mountain fairly soon hopefully.

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You should, it's a great

You should, it's a great movie, and not just for the gay hotness factor. I mean, I'm a lesbian, so that part didn't like, make me like it more, but it was really well done. =D

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Well I'm waiting for Shaw video on demand to put it up as one of those movies you can rent for 24 hours. When it does, my friend and I are going to rent it and watch it together.

Oh, how hot is the M/M hotness anyway?

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How's she supposed to know how hot the M/M is? She's a lesbian.

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she could just be gifted with that ability :D i thought it was great, i loved it :P wonderful movie

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No, she's whateversexual.

No, she's whateversexual. There's a difference. :P (but hey, some are a bit further back on the Kinsey scale than others. Most people can recognize hotness of a sex they're not attracted to, anyway.)

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She could easily say how much it shows, and such. I'm gay but its not like when a girl takes her shirt off a big CENSOR bar fly's over my vision.